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At Work

  1. Non-French residents: What are my tax obligations if I own a furnished property rented out in France 
  2. Are French non-residents exempt from CSG and CRDS? 
  3. How do I apply for a social security number in the USA?
  4. What should you include in an Expat Contract?
  5. What are types of Expat Package?
  6. How do I apply for a National Insurance Number in the UK?
  7. French Pensions: How does it Work?
  8. German Pensions: How does it Work?
  9. UK Pensions: how does it work?
  10. Retirement in America: how does it work?
  11. What is a Pension Plan?
  12. Tax agents of the French state employees abroad 
  13. Taxation of French employees seconded 
  14. International tax treaty and method of taxation of the French expatriate 
  15. Are you a French tax resident under the criteria of the French law? 
  16. I lost my National Insurance Number - UK / London
  17. Pension calculation when you have contributions in several different European countries
  18. Claim back tax, Tax return, Tax refund in the UK, P60, P45, P85
  19. Special tax regime for foreign executives in Belgium 
  20. At you one right to family allowances in Britain? 
  21. How to set up a company in the UK?
  22. What does the UK tax code mean?
  23. What is the IR35 UK tax?
  24. Do you need to set up a company if you are contracting in the UK?
  25. What is an Umbrella Company?
  26. Comparison of different levels of taxation in Europe 
  27. Pensions in the European Union 
  28. What are the European E-forms for family benefits?
  29. What are the European E-forms for unemployment?
  30. What are the European E-forms for pensions?
  31. UK: I've Lost My NI Number Card, what do I do?
  32. What is the minimum wage in the UK? 
  33. How do I convert my 401k plan into an IRA?
  34. What happens if I keep an IRA in the US while living somewhere else
  35. US citizens: I've married a UK citizen in UK, how do I fill my US Tax form?
  36. US citizens: Who must complete a US Tax Return?
  37. US citizens: Do I still need to fill a tax form if I become a British Citizen?
  38. Marriage / Divorce - Check your Social Security number (SSN)
  39. Do we have to pay UK taxes in the USA?
  40. Unemployment compensation: How to get the E301? 
  41. What are the dole in England after leaving France? 
  42. Domiciled or resident in the UK? 

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