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63 nationalities in China

benjrobjohnson lives in China
Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese

Rachel MO lives in China, Canton
Interest: littérature musique
Occupation: interprète
Languages: Chinois Cantonais Français Anglais

hamid1364 lives in China, Shanghai
Interest: English, TOEFL, IELTS, ESL, English Literature, Essay, Writing
Occupation: PhD Candidate of English Literature with ten years experience teaching English and English Literature in various schools and universities.
Languages: English, Turkish, Farsi, Azeri, Arabic

hrzunest lives in China, Shanghai
Languages: English, French

tornado lives in China
Languages: English

Angelina5044 lives in China
Languages: English, Chinese

Colindame lives in China, Shanghai, China
Languages: English

Fernando Pan lives in China
Languages: Inglês, Português, Chinês Mandarim

AnthonyMurphy lives in China, Beijing
Occupation: Visa Officer, Irish Visa Office, Beijing
Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese (hsk 3)

alessiomargarita lives in China, Pesaro
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Mandarin

Spixe lives in China, Xiamen
Occupation: Teacher
Languages: English, Mandarin

yaoyao lives in China, Beijing
Interest: I love sports, I love running and swimming. In summer, swimming is my daily routine.Also, I like skiing and hiking. I am a nature-loving person.I like old movies, Hitchcock is one of my favorite movie director.
Occupation: I work as an English teacher for kids. The kids I am teaching is from 0-8,so I have spent a lot of time with kids,I read to them play with them to promote their brain development
Languages: English ,chinese

NewLifeESLadmin lives in China
Occupation: Recruiter
Languages: English, Chinese

letizia.gilardino lives in China, Shanghai
Languages: English, Italiano

minnimordh lives in China, Beijing
Interest: Investment, finance, p2p, lending, networking
Occupation: East Rock Capital (Beijing)
Languages: English, Mandarin 普通话


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