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Новые Участники

alexsousa живет в Бразилия, Sertaozinho
Интересы: trabalhar em qualquer área que seja fora do pais
Занятости: empresario
Языков: Portuues

cariri живет в Бразилия, Fortaleza
Языков: Portugues

michii77 живет в Австрия, Wien
Языков: German, English, Italian, Hebrew

mr-possible живет в Великобритания, London
Языков: English, Spanish

pascalecannes живет в Объединенные Арабские Эмираты
Интересы: Art - Sport - Voyages
Занятости: MarCom Manager
Языков: Francais/anglais

Ahmed Qenawi живет в Египет
Интересы: Travelling, Reading, Classical Music, Movies.
Занятости: Training Specialist
Языков: Arabic, English

awieczorek93 живет в Польша, Poznań
Интересы: economy, travelling
Языков: Polish, English, German, French

cbrandtwright живет в Объединенные Арабские Эмираты, Abu Dhabi
Интересы: Hi there – and thanks for checking in on me! A little about this page, you ask? Sure thing! I’m currently living in Abu Dhabi (capital city of the United Arab Emirates) and like many self published authors, am in pursuit of commercial success. I’m publishing my adult works under the pen name Ann Benjamin, but you might also know me from my six young adult novels as Courtney Brandt. This blog will center on writing, publishing, and the trials and tribulations between (with occasional digressions on my life as an ex-pat). And hey, if you want some other places to connect with me – why not Pinterest or Facebook? However you got here, I sincerely hope you’ll check out my recently released novel, Room 702 and let me know what you think about it.
Языков: English

noeleironto живет в Канада, Toronto
Интересы: Hello I'm Noel. I moved to Toronto Canada in August 2014 with my girlfriend Joy having spent the past few years travelling the world and living in Australia. Originally from Kildare in Ireland, I am a DIT graduate with a Bachelors in Retail Management and a Masters in Tourism Management. At 28 years of age, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Canada is the 30th country I've been to and the fourth that I've worked in. In the past four years myself and Joy have twice quit our jobs and sold everything we owned to travel and move to a new country. Travel has become a bit of an addiction for us and trying to settle again has been (and continues to be) a challenge! Like most people, I am guilty of not doing enough with my free time so I'm hoping that starting this blog will encourage me to get out and see/do more, especially in a city that has an endless supply of things to do and places to eat and drink. Otherwise I will just be posting pictures of cats all day and we all know the Internet has
Языков: English


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Международный переезд
Международный переезд
Сравните шесть предложений по расценкам нашей сети компаний по перевозке имущества, и это поможет вас спланировать ваш переезд за границу и перевезти всю вашу семью.
Совместная аренда жилья
Совместная аренда жилья
Откройте для себя все предложения EasyRoommate, найдите квартиру для совместной аренды, разместите объявление о сдаче комнаты, просмотрите объявления и разместите свою анкету.
Вы получите скидки на гостиницы, специальные предложения при бронировании в последнюю минуту, горячие предложения, специальные предложения при бронировании в реальном времени и он-лайн бронировании.

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