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Expat Newsletter October 2020

Latest News in our Expat Network


We have been a little bit quiet in term of newsletters over the summer. But for those who came to visit EasyExpat.com or BlogExpat.com they must have noticed that it did not mean that we were abandonning the expat world, quite the opposite actually!

A global revamp of our websites

No drastic change on our website but a move to offer a better user experience with a new top menu, clearer buttons, more photos and our latest Expat News flashing at the top.

And if you want to see the changes over the last... 20 years, you can check our updated post HERE.

A new Expat Magazine

All our previous expats blogs have been merged into a single magazine. You will find regular news, articles on education, international move, finance, travel and of course our usual interviews of expat bloggers: come and browse our new magazine.

Our team has been reinforced by new editors from around the globe who will provide you with all the latest news in the expat world, starting this week with one of the main topic: will you go on holiday this automn?

Second "hot" topic this month: The US presidential election. We talk about why More US expats are renouncing their citizenship and over the weekend will be displayed another article on US expat voters.

Therefore, for regular news on international matters, don't forget to follow our Magazine each day.

Share your experience: We need your help!

With the ongoing pandemic crisis all of us have been affected by the safety measures taken by the countries around the world. We would like to invite you to share your experience with the community and tell us how you deal with the current events: are you currently enjoying a near-normal life with the number of covid-19 cases slowing down where you are? Or, on the contrary, are you seeing the virus spreading and the government taking more measures to restrain the propagation?

PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINK HERE TO PARTICIPATE: COVID-19: Tell us about your experience. Some of you shared even a longer comment on a separate article, you will find links in the thread.

We greatly appreciate your participation and thank you in advance.

And of course, keep safe.


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All our team thank you for participating to the Community and we look forward to seeing you again soon on our sites for more dedicated content on expatriation.

PS: If you have a personal expat blog, don't forget to register in our worldwide directory of expat blogs.

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