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The Social Security office is responsible for implementing government policy on social welfare. Contributions are both personal, by the employer, and the government. Benefits cover unemployment, sickness, disability, and maternity leave.

Some of these benefits are also available to foreigners in Thailand. In order to qualify, you must have a valid work permit and have made the minimum required months of contributions required by each benefit.

Social Security Number in Thailand

In order to register with the social security fund, the employer must complete paperwork including a form the employee completes called SS)-1-03. The employer will then send the completed form and a photocopy of the passport or other ID card to the social security office.

When registration is finalised you will receive a social security card 5 days later. This is now your card to keep, even if you change jobs in Thailand.

A medical card will also be sent once 3 months of work of contributions have been made. This enables you to receive free medical treatment in Thailand.

Social Security Offices in Bangkok

Social Security Office of Area 1
(Dusit, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Samphanthawong, Pranakon)
4 floor, Department of Labour Protection and
Welfare Building, Autsadang Road, Bangkok 10200
Tel. 0 2622 2500-15
Fax. 0 2622 2526, 0 2622 2550, 0 2622 2516

Social Security Office of Area 2
(Jatujak Donmuang, Bangsue, Bangkok, Laksi)
Soi 10, Tesabalrungsunnuea Road,
Ladyaw, Jatujuk, Bangkok 10900
Tel. 0 2954 2577-84
Fax. 0 2954 4869

Social Security Office of Area 3
(Dindang, Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Huai Khwang)
11 Building Ministry of Labour, Mitmitree Road,
Dindang District, Bangkok 10400
Tel. 0 2245 1220, 0 2248 4867
Fax. 0 2245 3907

Social Security Office of Area 4
(Bang Rak. Pathum Wan, Yan Nawa, Sathon Bang Kho Laem)
144/18-22, Soi Srilom 10, Srilom Road
Suriyawong, Bangruk, Bangkok 10500
Tel. 0 2634 0181-95
Fax. 0 2634 0196-7

Social Security Office of Area 5
(Khlong San, Thon Buri, Bangkok Noi,Bangkok Yai, Bang Phlat)
311 Ratchadapisek Road, Bukkalo,
Thonburi, Bangkok 10600
Tel. 0 2476 9016-9, 0 2476 9979-83, 0 2476 8787
Fax. 0 2476 8871

Social Security Office of Area 6
(Taling Chan, Thawi Watthana, Bang Khae,Phasi Charoen, Nong Khaem)
Takuni Buildings 4-5 floor
140/1, Kanchanaphisek Road, Bang Khae,
Bang Khae, Bangkok 10160
Tel. 0 2455 8989
Fax. 0 2455 4898

Social Security Office of Area 7
(Thung Khru, Bang Khun Thian, Bang Bon,Rat Burana)
7/1-8 Moo 5, Kanchanapisek Road,
Bangbon, Bangbon, Bangkok 10150
Tel. 0 2415 0533, 0 2415 0544, 0 2415 1618,
0 2415 2618
Fax. 0 2415 8488, 0 2415 8493, 0 2419 8246

Social Security Office of Area 8
(Bang Na, Prawet, Phra Khanong, Watthana Suan Luang)
Srinagarindra Road, Bang Bon, Prawet Bangkok 10260
(Operation is not yet available. Currently,
The service is under the responsibility of
The Social Security office Area 12)

Social Security Office of Area 9
(Khan Na Yao, Bang Kapi, Lat Phrao, Wang Thonglang, Bueng Kum)
10/1273-8 Navamin Road, Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10240
Tel. 0 2733 4111-20
Fax. 0 2379 2836

Social Security Office of Area 10
(Khlong Sam Wa, Min Buri, Lat Krabang, Saphan Sung, Nong Chok, Sai Mai)
555/1-27 Moo 13 Sihaburanukij Road,
Min-buri, Min-buri, Bangkok 10510
Tel. 0 2517 9034
Fax. 0 2517 9222 call 205, 0 2517 9035

Social Security Office of Area 11
(Yan Nawa, Sathon, Bangkok Laem)
1004/323-327 Soi Rama, Rama 3,
Bang Pong Pang, Yannawa, Bangkok 10240
Tel. 0 2294 5958
Fax. 0 2294 5504

Social Security Office of Area 12
(Watthana, Khlong Toei)
222 Sukhumvit 77 Road, (On Nut)
Phra Khanong, Watthana, Bangkok 10260
Tel. 0 2332 2122
Fax. 0 2311 6511

For more offices in Thailand: Social Security offices by province.

Social Security Contributions in Thailand

Thailand has a social security system that is funded by contributions from both the employer and employee. The social insurance system is available for:

  • Pensioners
  • Disabled people
  • Survivors

All those working from the ages of 15-60 can choose to contribute. A worker will contribute 3% of their gross monthly salary towards pension and family benefits. However, voluntary contributions of up to 9% - or a maximum of 4600 baht - can also be made. In addition, the employer will contribute 3% and the government a further 1%.

Employees earning less than 1,650 baht do not contribute. Individuals who are self-employed can choose to make an annual contribution of 3,360 baht.

Benefits of Social Security in Thailand

Unemployment Benefit in Thailand

Thailand's unemployment rate is only 0.7% in 2012, making it the fourth lowest country in the world for unemployment. Both the employee and employer contribute 0.5% of the gross monthly salary and the Thai government contribute 0.25%.

The benefit rate is based on the highest 3 months earnings in the last nine months and is paid at 50% of the average daily rate. It will only be paid when the individual has been out of work for 8 days or more.

For more details, read the full section on "Unemployment Benefits".

Statutory Sick Pay in Thailand

Employees are entitled to 30 paid days of sick leave in any given year. If you are sick for more than three consecutive days, then you must produce a medical certificate.

Workers contribute 1.5% of their salary, matched by both the employer and the government. Additional voluntary contributions can also be made.

Disability Benefit in Thailand

Workers who are unable to work must produce a certificate proving they cannot work and have made at least 3 months of contributions in the last 15 months. Benefits are calculated at the highest 3 months of earnings in the last 9 months and are paid at 50% of the average daily rate. This can only be claimed when you are no longer claiming sickness benefits.

In addition, under the Workers Compensation Act, the employer must provide you with compensation if you are injured, ill or die during the course of employment.

Maternity Leave and Maternity Pay in Thailand

Employees are entitled to 45 paid days of maternity leave each year.

The worker, employer and Thai government all contribute 1.5% of the employee's gross monthly salary. Additional voluntary contributions can also be made. You must have been paying at least 7 months of contributions in the previous 15 months. Maternity benefits are only paid for the first two children in a family.

Update 15/09/2013


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