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Football is the country's most watched, but not most practiced, sport, even though performances at international levels are disappointing lately. Steaua, Dinamo, and Rapid are the three biggest football clubs in Bucharest, each having wide and devoted fan bases. Do your homework carefully before going to a football match, and dress neutrally if you want to avoid being the target of stadium violence.

Sports in which Romania has qualified well in competitions are tennis, gymnastics, handball and fencing. However, the sports and activities practiced by the majority of people are not necessarily those where international medals are won. Bucharest offers many options for athletics, swimming, tennis, basketball as well as well-equipped gyms.

Stadiums in Bucharest

The Bucharest National Arena

Built in 2011, with a capacity of over 55.000 places, it is the main stadium of the Steaua football club and for the Romanian national team. It is probably the only stadium in the city ready for a major sporting event.

Giulești Stadium
The home stadium of the Rapid club, it has a capacity of 19.000 seats and it is one of the oldest in the country, functioning since 1939. It is currently closed for renovation.

Ștefan cel Mare Stadium
Home to the Dinamo club, this stadium located in the eastern part of Bucharest can host 15.000 people. It is scheduled to close soon for re-construction.

Ghencea Stadium
Previously one of the most important stadiums in Bucharest and the home stadium of the Steaua team, it is currently in reconstruction and due to re-open in 2020.

Sporting Events in Bucharest

Bucharest is rarely the host of major sporting events, as it lacks an appropriate infrastructure and transportation options.

The most important events are the matches of the local football leagues (Cupa României), held from August to December every year.

The Bucharest Marathon takes place annually since 2008, and has been engaging an increasing number of participants from year to year.

The Bucharest Open is a women's professional tennis championship that has been held since 2014, organized by the Romanian Tennis Federation. It generally takes place in July.

Sport Activities in Romania

Football, Basketball, Table Tennis

Most public parks in residential neighborhoods have specifically designated areas where people can play team sports. Courts exist in the AL. I Cuza, Titan, Tineretului, Văcărești, Plumbuita, Tei and Obor parks, and they can be used for free.

There are also private courts scattered throughout the city, and they can generally be rented for a fee.

Rollerblading and Cycling

Rollerblading and cycling have become increasingly popular, especially among teens and young people. There are no areas specifically for rollerblading, but it can be practiced in most parks. Cycling in Bucharest is less easy than in other European capitals due to the unavailability of biking lanes. However, there are a number of easy cycling routes in the outskirts of the city, making for an attractive week-end escapade.


There are many swimming pools around the city, and most of them are open year-round. Prices range from 7 to 15 euros, depending on the day of the week and the facilities, but many have subscriptions available.


Bucharest is not near any hiking routes, but the Carpathian Mountains are only two hours away. There is a large community of mountain climbers and trekkers, and week-end trips are common, especially from April to October. You may go by yourself, or you may join one of the many mountaineering groups that are active in the Romanian capital.

Gyms in Bucharest

There is a plethora of gyms and fitness studios all over Bucharest, making up for the relative lack of exercising options during the cold months. Many have world-class facilities and highly qualified trainers, and some even offer alternative classes (e.g. zumba, aerobics, martial arts lessons, pilates, cross-fit etc.).

Payment can be per session, but monthly subscriptions are more common. You may pay anywhere between 20 to 200 euros a month, depending on the location and the quality of the facilities. However, most gyms charge around 50-60 euros for a full-time subscription.


The Romanian branch of one of the best networks of fitness centers in Europe. Offers state-of-the-art equipment and the best trainers. Subscriptions for individuals, companies and children.

Str. Durau 104

A modern gym in the Bucurestii Noi area. Step, zumba, aerobics, kempo and body workout classes available.

Șos. N. Titulescu 171

Private training and group classes.

Gym House
Str. Moise Constantin 5C

Modern fitness center that offers a variety of activities, cycling, dance classes, kangoo jumps. Open daily.

New Fit Way
Str. Petre Ispirescu 86

Large center with the latest equipment and professional trainers. Also has a sauna and massage services.

Str. Rotunda 6A

Fitness center offering cardio sessions, indoor cycling and recovery. One of the more affordable options around.

Update 21/12/2018


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