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Job Hunting in Italy

Teaching abroad

There are many language schools around Italy in city areas such as Milan, Rome, and Naples. You can try to go in person to the schools to apply for temporary jobs, or look at the TEFL website (Teaching English as a Foreign Language: that provides jobs teaching abroad as summer school managers and EFL teachers. TEFL will give you details of qualifying before travelling.

Au Pair

Au pairs work for about 25 hours a week and can expect to earn at least £120 per month. You can find more information in our Au Pair Article.

Campsites and Adventure Holidays

Camping agencies in Italy offer jobs during the peak tourist times in the summer.

Eurocamp ( is the market-leader in self catering holidays to Europe on holiday parcs accross Europe. They often need for couriers on Italian campsites. Employees must be over 18, and can anticipate earning approximately £95 per week.

Canvas Holidays ( operate on campsites throughout Europe, including Italy.

Holiday Resorts

Summer or winter, holiday resorts and well-know tourist areas have always job opportunities for travellers. Knock on doors, be persistent and success will soon cross your path.

A few doors to knock at and ask for any vacancies:

  • Pubs, sandwich shops, bar staff
  • holiday reps
  • DJs, ticket sellers

The Club Mediterranée website ( gives details of jobs in Italy. You can either be a GO (gentil organisateur) who take part in village life or GE (gentil employé) who does catering work and housekeeping.

As with work for campsite operators, specific jobs may require you to have knowledge of a foreign language.

Beside the busy summer season, you find also busy winter months with ski resorts in the Alps, Dolomites, and Apennines. Mark Warner ( is a recruitment agency that can locate you with seasonal jobs in some of Europe's top ski resorts and in locations around the Mediterranean and Aegean.

The student employment contract

Any placement must be covered by the signing of a contract or agreement between the student, the company and the student’s educational institution. It must have an educational objective recognised by the institution. A training project with an explicit description of that objective must be appendixed to the contract or agreement.

For more information on the student employment contract, visit the following source: Trainee Status in Italy

Working holiday visa

The following section is required for reference only. Always contact the embassy for up to date information regarding visa requirements.

In Italy

All EU nationals have the right to live and find employment in Italy. For long duration of stay, or over 3 months, application for a residence card, called a ‘permit to stay’ (permesso di soggiorno) is required. To apply, refer to the local police headquarters, known as the Questura in Italian. Otherwise, application to the police for a ricevuta di segnalazione di soggiorno, permits a three month stay whilst looking for work.

For non EU citizens, a visa is required for a stay of more than 3 months, or 90 days.

Contact your embassy for all visa and/or immigration related enquiries. Visit our Consulate section for more information.

Work permit

The Italian work permit is administered by regional labor offices, hence differing according to the exact location within Italy.

Work permits must be sponsored by an Italian company and cannot be applied for directly by an employee or agency.

The work permit allows foreign jobseekers to accept all types of labor contracts, register with the Italian Board of Trade and even join an Italian trade union.

To obtain a work permit, the applicant must produce a residence permit. Expect no less than 2 months for processing time.


Discount cards

A youth card or student card can offer you a lot of advantages abroad and is a recognition of your status. Two international cards will give you discounts and are essential for those taking a gap year or going backpacking:

  • ISIC (International Student Identity Card): this is for any full-time student over 12 years old.
  • IYTC (International Youth Travel Card): if you are not a student, but are under 26, then this card is for you. IYTC has become internationally recognized as an identity card in 50 countries.

What the Cards offer:

  • Valuable discounts on air, travel, bus and ferry, transport and accommodation, as well as gap year backpacking discounts;
  • Access to over 33,000 discounts in over 100 countries;
  • Reduced admission to museums, galleries and historic sites;
  • 24 hour emergency, legal and medical helpline services;
  • Basic sickness and accident travel insurance.

You can apply directly online to get the cards ( or by asking your University or youth center.

Update 22/04/2008


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