Passport, Visa & Permits to Rome


A visa is often required to stay/live in the country of your destination. You must request the form and get the information from the Italian Consulate when you are still in your country of origin.

Make sure to distinguish between the consulate and embassy. The embassy is the representation of the State in a foreign country and is in charge of all the relations with the government of the country where located. The consul protects and administrates the community coming from native country. However, you will usually be able to live for 6 months in the country before you have to register. You will find all the information by asking the Consulate.

If you plan to work in Rome, you must apply for the necessary documentation before you go to Italy. You employer must apply for the proper permits. Check with your nearest consulate for the most up to date regulations. Note: jobs are hard to come by, especially for anyone from non-EU countries.

In the 27 countries of the European community, a valid National Identity Card or Passport is enough. You don't have to fill out any other forms. In many cases, your new company arrange the formalities for you.

The 27 countries of the European Union are: Germany, France, The United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Sweden, Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania.

The following documents are required to apply for your first permesso di soggiorno, which you get at the Questura. (See our the section Work Permit for more details.)

  • Passport and photocopy of its informativepages, including the visa page if applicable.
  • Two photos of each person to be listed on the permesso di soggiorno (e.g. a mother and her children.)
  • Blue application form (available at the Questura.)
  • Marca da bollo (€10) for non-EC citizens.

If married, you must show a consular declaration, or a translated and sworn copy of your marriage certificate. If you are a parent of a child or children under 16 years old, a consular declaration stating that you are the legal guardian of the children, or translated and sworn copies of their birth certificates is required.

Update 22/04/2008


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