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Eating out in Mozambique

In Maputo, the culinary scene is generally a blend of Portuguese, South African and Mozambican influences. During the day, the city comes alive with street side cafes serving rich espresso, pastries and omelets. In the evenings, a wide range of restaurants light up, serving everything from authentic Italian through to Portuguese tapas. And of course, in between the handful of internationally-styled restaurants are a slew of local Mozambican restaurants that serve perfected roast chicken with a peri-peri hot sauce and plenty of seafood. Overall, Maputo offers a modest but entirely sufficient spread of restaurants that will generally cater to most budgets and tastes.

Outside the capital, options are a bit more limited. You can generally expect to find a few local eateries and some locally run restaurants that serve a fusion of Mozambican and Western dishes.

Mozambican Specialties

  • Pao (bread): Mozambicans sell fresh rolls on the street every morning
  • Peri peri sauce: A fiery local hot sauce made with bird's eye chili
  • Medio frango (Roasted half chicken): A favourite across the country
  • Seafood: Prawns, fish, and much more!
  • Matapa: Cassava leaves, garlic, flour, crab/shrimp served with rice or on its own
  • Xima/Shima/nShima*: Dried cassava, mixed with water to create a thick paste that is served with a bean, meat or fish soup/stew overtop

*Xima is very similar to the starches that act as a staple in other African countries. They have a similar texture and taste to pap (South Africa), ugali (East Africa) or fufu and banku (Ghana).

Vegetarian Eating in Mozambique

Vegetarianism is not widely practiced by local Mozambicans. Meat is seen as a luxury, and will often be served to guests. Local restaurants also tend to be very chicken and seafood-orientated.

That said, there are still a number of vegetarian friendly options. Many of the Asian and Indian restaurants in Maputo have good vegetarian dishes, and most Italian restaurants will have a few meat-free pizzas and pastas. It is also possible to request matapa be prepared without the shellfish, or to have xima with a meat-free soup.

Tipping in Mozambique

As an expat, it is expected that you will leave a tip of some kind on your bill. At small restaurants, extra change is usually acceptable. In more high-end restaurants, expect to tip 10 - 15%.

Fast Food in Mozambique

Formal fast food chains in Mozambique are extremely limited. Instead, you can rely on a series of small chicken shops located readily throughout the country for quick and greasy meals. Examples include:

  • Debonair's Pizza/Steer's Burgers: One of the only typircal fast food joints in the country. It is a South African pizza/burger combo, with 3 locations throughout Maputo
  • King Pie: A South African chain selling meat pies. There are a few walk in restaurants throughout the city, and a number of bicycle vendors.
  • Ali Baba's: One of the best quick local eateries, specializing in roast chicken and burgers, located near 24 de Julho and Alberto Luthuli, opposite Jardim 28 de Maio.

Restaurants in Maputo

  • Mimmo's: A chain of Italian restaurants located frequently throughout Maputo.
  • The Fish Market/Mercado do Peixe: A Maputo-institution where diners first select their fish from local vendors, and then select one of a dozen restaurants around a courtyard to prepare it.
  • Zambezia: A small and popular chicken restaurant, located on Av. Mao Tse Tung. Extremely popular with backpackers staying at nearby Fatima's.
  • Mundo's: Great for steak, seafood and beer, located on the corner of Avenues Eduardo Mondlane and J. Nyerere
  • Zambi: An upscale seafood restaurant in a modern oceanfront building
  • Costa do Sol: An upscale restaurant located in a posh suburb on the ocean, just outside of Maputo.

What to Drink in Mozambique


  • Water - only drink bottled or purified water
  • Tea and coffee
  • Juice and local fruit juices
  • Soft drinks (Coke, Fanta, Sprite)


Alcohol in Mozambique is readily available, no matter where you are in the country. In Maputo, you can find a good range of domestic and imported beers. Outside of Maputo and other major cities, your options are more limited.

  • Mozambican beer brands: 2M, Manica, Laurentina
  • International beer brands: Imports from South Africa and Namibia available
  • R&Rs: A mix of rum and raspberry juice, popular in southern Mozambique
  • Locally brewed liquor- exercise caution: high and unregulated potency.
  • Wine: imported from South Africa, Portugal and abroad

Liquor Laws in Mozambique

In Mozambique, the legal age for drinking is 18 - though this is not strictly enforced. Drinking and driving is illegal but - again - there is much room for improvement in terms of how this law is enforced.

Be aware that in the more Muslim-dominated north, rules and regulations around alcohol can vary in more conservative communities.

Update 15/06/2015


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