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Kuwait uses PAL for television signal broadcasting, similar to most Western European countries. Foreign televisions should be compatible with this system. Some stores sell multi-systems televisions which will allow viewing of broadcasts in PAL. It is important to remember that not all televisions bought in one country will function in another. Careful attention is very important when buying a TV for use with PAL.

There are no fees or license requirements for televisions in Kuwait. There are several local channels being broadcasted by independent stations/networks here in Kuwait. Shows are generally broadcasted in Arabic. If you can afford it, satellite TV is available through a company in Dubai and widely used by nearly all Middle East countries and Northern Africa.


In 1957, Kuwait began transmitting television through a broadcasting station. The strength of that signal did not exceed ten kilowatts. The following local channels are available:

Cable TV

There are no local cable television companies in Kuwait.

Satellite TV

Nearly everyone in Kuwait, expat or local, has satellite TV through OSN Network, a Dubai based company. It provides American, British and a random selection of Arabic TV shows, movies, kids programming and speciality channels. By and large, the quality is good, but not all shows are up-to-date, with those being broadcast back in Britain and America.

The selection of programming is excellent. Depending on your package, (currently 8 packages to choose from) subscribers have access up to 100 channels or more. Packages start as low as KD3.648 (Arabic programming) and max out at KD30.780. Prices are calculated in Kuwaiti Dinars, but customers are billed monthly in US Dollars.

A credit card (from any country) is required to open an account. Accounts are easy to setup with next day installment in most cases. Register online at OSN Network website or speak with a representative in most major malls and shopping centers throughout Kuwait.


Kuwait's Internet is regulated by The Ministry of Communications. Unlike Western and European countries, the ministry regulates all ISPs in Kuwait, forcing them to block pornography, anti-religion, anti-tradition, and anti-security websites to "protect the public by maintaining both public order and morality." The primary target of Internet filtering is pornography and, to a lesser extent, gay and lesbian content. Secular content and websites that are critical of Islam are also censored. A number of websites related to religions other than Islam may also be blocked even if they're not necessarily against Islam per say. Access to the website Skype is blocked, as too are other VOIP web content.

There are a number of independent companies offering Internet services in Kuwait. Services range from dial up, ISDN to fiber optic connections. Prices vary greatly depending on the package you chose, as too does the speed of your service.


Here are a few well established companies operating in Kuwait:

FAST Telco
FAST Telco is Kuwait's fasting growing ISP. The company offers modern infrastructure and constant dedication to providing innovative communication solutions to both the consumer and corporate markets.
Location: Abdullah Al Salem Street
Tel: +965 22256688
Fax: +965 22256679

Price Range: 1Mbps KD48 to 8Mbps KD200 (billed annually) 

Gulf net
Gulf net is Kuwait's premier Internet and online data services provider. They offer high-speed and reliable service.
Tel: +965 1816666

Price Range:  Basic Package--1Mbps KD48 to 7Mbps KD183 (billed annually) 

Premium Package--8Mbps KD190 to 24Mbps KD904 (billed annually) 

A pioneer in wireless broadband data communications since 1980s, Mada Communications offers Internet and intranet communication services, and wireless broadband.
Tel: +965 1822888

Price Range: 2Mbps KD120 to 10Mbps KD180 (billed annually) 

Check their website for more details.

Quality net
Quality net was established in 1998, and came into existence under pressure from the public for The Ministry of Communications to launch a private ISP in Kuwait.
Location: Dasman
Tel: +965 1804444

Price Ranges:  1Mbps KD48 to 8Mbps KD199 (billed annually) 

Zajil Telecom
Launched in 1991, it's the first private Internet Service Provider under the license of the Kuwait Ministry of Communications.
Location: Safat
Tel: +965 1820820
Fax: +965 22443807
Prices aren't listed on their website.


Installation varies from company to company. It's best to contact them directly to learn what's required.

Internet Café

Most people living in Kuwait are able to afford to have Internet service in their home or apartment. For those that can't, you can always find an Internet Cafe. Most are small and independently owned (by a Kuwaiti national). Registration may be required before you're allowed to log-on. Prices are relatively cheap and the connection is good. Internet cafes are often found in major hotels (registered guests only) and some shopping malls (less likely).

Shisha Bar Downtown
Ahmad Al jaber ST, Abdul Razzaq Square, Kuwait Real Estate Mall
Kuwait City, Kuwait
2245 9659

Star net Internet Cafe
Jleeb Al Shuyoukh Block 6


WiFi is everywhere in Kuwait! From major shopping malls, large restaurants, retail stores, beauty salons, barber shops, nail salons, massage studios and even large grocery stores, all have free WiFi. Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, Second Cup, Dunkin Doughnuts and Gloria Jean's are good sources. There's literally nowhere in Kuwait that one travels to that doesn't offer free Internet.

Update 26/05/2013


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