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Kuwait's postal service is simply known as the Kuwait Post Office, and falls under the authority of the Ministry of Communications (website for both links in Arabic only). Unfortunately, the Kuwait postal service is known to be inefficient, unreliable and slow, for both incoming and outgoing mail. Mailing a letter from Kuwait to America can take up to 30 days.

Use standard format to address your envelope. Return address may be listed on front or back.

Mr. John J. Smith (recipient)
Dana Complex (name of building or where you're residing)
Block 7 (Block location within area)
Street 1 (name or number of street)
Al-Shaab (area of Kuwait)
Kuwait City, Kuwait (City and country name)

Courier Service

Another option, although more expensive, for sending letters and parcels is to use one of the courier companies.

  • Aramex (International)
    Tel: + 965 244 6400
  • DHL (International)
    Tel: + 965 808 345
  • Express Post (Local & International)
    Tel: + 965 241 8204
  • FedEx (International)
    Tel: + 965 802 233
  • Gazelle (Local & International)
    Tel: + 965 243 3288
  • OCS (International)
    Tel: + 965 241 7883
  • TNT (International)
    Tel: + 965 245 4125
  • UPS (International)
    Tel: + 965 434 4822


Letters (up to 20g) currently cost 25fils to Kuwaiti addresses, 50fils to GCC countries and 150files to the rest of the world. There are no printed price listings for mailing parcels or other bulky items. Contact your local post office for assistance.

Post Offices

Most post offices open for business at 7:30, Sunday through Thursday. Closing times may vary. It is important to note that not all post offices open on time and many are under-staffed.

Major Post Office Locations in Kuwait

Safat Post Office
Al-Shuhada St, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Main Post Office
Fahad Al-Salem St, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Faiha Post Office
Al-Zahra'a St, Kuwait

Qortuba Post Office
Block 5, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Salmiya Post Office
Al-Salmiya, Kuwait City, Kuwait


Forwarded Mail

It's unknown if any mail forwarding system exist in Kuwait. You will need to contact your area post office for more details. It may be best to simply redirect any mail being sent to Kuwait to a new address.

Undelivered Mail

If you find a letter in your post office box that isn't addressed to you, simply hand it over to an employee at your local post office.

The Postal Service does not offer home delivery. Instead, most people rent post office boxes located at the nearest post office in your area and are inexpensive; 7KD for the first year, 4KD for any additional years.

Update 26/05/2013


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