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You must type your Curriculum Vitae and a covering letter. It must be in strict chronological order (Tabellarishen Lebenslauf) and you should sign your CV below on the right and date in the left hand corner. Copies of your qualifications must be attached to the letter and the CV. Ask at the Naacher bookshop, for example, a folder specifically used for this purpose.

Buchhandlung Peter Naacher GmbH & Co. KG (0 69) 6 33 00 60

The Job Centre (Arbeitsamt) can help you to find a job. Call the department Stellenangebote der Arbeitssämter at the number 069 11 501.

You will find interesting adverts for Frankfurt area in:

The newspapers:

The consulate

The consulate can give you advices on the your CV redaction and how to look for a job. Go to the appropriate website or contact it directly.

The Internet

Or with a consultant :

  • Kienbaum :
  • Adecco :

For more information on the main routes to employment, our partner, Expertise in Labour Mobility, offers you a brief abstract of the main focused point of the labour market (click here to display).

Update 11/11/2003


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