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Cairo is the highlight of the Middle East's cultural world. The city hosts a plethora of cultural houses from theater to opera. It caters to locals and tourists with something for everyone.


The Mena House Oberoi is a grand heritage hotel and theater. This is among the best theaters on Pyramids Road.

The Dervish Theater features the unique phenomenon of the "whirling dervish". The dance is for more than entertainment, it is an invention of a branch of Islam known as the Sufi. A circular theater, watching the performances is a special experience. Free performances take place at the Citadel on Wednesday and Saturday nights at the Mausoleum of Al-Ghouri in Islamic Cairo.

    Other theaters:
  • State Theater - Abdel Khalek Sarwat Street in Downtown Cairo, Egypt
  • Cultural Palace Sector - Samer Theater, Agouza
  • Hanager Arts Center - Opera House Grounds at Gezira, Cairo, Egypt


The Cairo Opera House offers opera and ballet. It offers everything from classic ballet to modern and ethnic choreography, foreign dance troupes and folk dancing.


The Egyptian Museum
Address: Midan El Tahrir, Cairo 11557
Admission: LE 50
Contains over 10,000 artifacts from Ancient Egypt. A hall of mummies, Tutankhamun's tomb, to the Fayum portraits, this museum alights the imagination and over 2.5 million tourists visit each year.

Citadel & Mosque of Mohamed Ali Pasha
Address: al-Qala'a, Shar'a Salih Salem, Cairo, Egypt
Admission: 20 LE
Grand castle built by Salah Al-Din. Along the splendor of the castle, there are many small museums housed within.

Luxor Museum
Address: Opposite the Mercure Etap Hotel on the Corniche at Luxor
It may be smaller than the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, but the Luxor Museum is better lit, better organized, and better documented. Housing an impressive display of ancient Egyptian artifacts, it's not something that you should miss if you're in town.

The Nubia Museum
Address: Nubia Museum, el Fanadek Street (Opposite Basma Hotel), 81111, Aswan, Egypt
Admission:20 LE
The Nubia Museum harbors the history of the "Land of Gold". It is one of the most important Egyptian museums.

Agricultural Museum
Located within the palace of Princess Fatma, it documents the history of agriculture within Egypt.

Pharaonic Village
Address: West bank of the Nile, on Jacob's Island at 3 Al-Bahr Al-A'zam Street
Admission: 90 LE
This village just outside of Cairo offers reproductions of buildings, clothing and lifestyles, replica of the tomb of Tutankhamun and other artifacts from Egyptian history.

Museum of Islamic Art
Address: Corner of Mohamed Ali Street and Port Said
Admission: 20 LE
Extensive collection of over 10,000 pieces. Mainly Egyptian art, but also has pieces from elsewhere in the Islamic world.

Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum
Address: 1 Kafour St. Giza
Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil significantly affected the fine arts movement in Egypt. The palace was inaugurated for the first time as a museum on July 23rd, 1962.

Solar Boat Museum
Admission: 50 LE
This museum centers on a boat found in 1954. It is as old as the pyramids and is the largest ancient boat.

Museum of Memphis
Address: 20Km to the south of Cairo
Admission: 21 LE
The remains of the old city of Menufer (Memphis) united Egypt some 5000 years ago. It now hosts a museum building in which there lies the sculpture of Ramses II.

Coptic (Christian) Museum
Address: Shara Mari Girgis, Cairo, Egypt
Admission: 16 LE
The Coptic Museum holds one of the largest collections of Christian art in world. It documents how Egyptian art is reflected in Coptic art.

Update 4/12/2011


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