Responsable crm marché portugais - lisbonne (réf 6749)

Marketing, Médias, Communication à Lisbonne

Responsable crm marché portugais - lisbonne (réf 6749)

Notre client recherche un « CRM Manager : Portugal » qui sera responsable d'un plan de communication reflétant la culture locale et les intérêts sportifs/jeux. Ils assureront le business...

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CRM Manager Portuguese market - LISBON (ref 6749)

Our client is looking for a ‘CRM Manager: Portugal’ who will be responsible for a communications plan reflective of the local culture and sports/gaming interests. They will ensure the business retain a fully native tone of voice whilst simultaneously ensuring alignment to our global brand strategies. The comms plan will be a mixture of educational content and promotional, event-based activity with audience segmentation techniques to ensure appropriate messages are served at the right time in a user’s journey to maximize engagement and grow revenues. You will define the communications for all stages of the customer journey: early stage on-boarding, customer upsell/cross-sell and lapsed customer win-back.
You will align fully with the Portuguese ‘Country Manager’ and with colleagues to review segmentation and event-based promotional mechanics that have proved successful in other regions and adapt where relevant aligned to local interests and behaviours. You will also make use of (and provide input on) the product roadmap to reach new and existing audiences.


- Marketing communications across the entire customer journey (all brands, products + audiences)
- Optimize our marketing and comms plans to maximize engagement
- Campaign planner with promotional budget focused on sporting/gaming events to increase LTVs
- Analyze different types of customers, grouping them and segmenting them into different categories, planning promotional and loyalty campaigns for each defined customer segment
- Monitoring competitors, learning from them and reacting to them ensuring best market practice
- Prepare reports on business and campaigns results that have been carried out and propose corrective measures if necessary
- Collaborate with ‘product managers’ to promote new products/features to relevant audiences
- Goal setting, performance monitoring and taking corrective action as required
- Continually monitor the competition and out-of-industry experts to ensure we remain best-in-class


- Fluency in Spanish and/or Portuguese. Good verbal and written English are a plus.
- Attention to detail to ensure we are compliant + abide by all data protection procedures
- An exceptional communicator who inspires a team and can engage senior stakeholders
- Proven experience implementing a CRM strategy with automated comms + clear KPIs
- Proficient with CRM tools (ideally Optimove) to segment audiences and measure campaign performance
- Good organizational and time-management skills
- Exceptional troubleshooting skills and should thrive in high paced environment
- Strong knowledge of UX and funnel optimization (running A/B tests) to derive customer insights
- Deep knowledge of sports, demonstrating genuine passion and enthusiasm
- Strong analytical skills with high proficiency across the Microsoft Office suite

Société: SpotOn Connections

Lieu: à Lisbonne

Type de poste: CDI

Rémuneration: Competitive

Posté par:
SpotOn Connections


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