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✎ EN Non- EEA wife want to join an EEA Husband settled in UK!!

Discussion in 'Immigration UK' started by Az, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Az

    Az Member

    Apr 22, 2006
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    i would like some help about my problem
    well im the wife of an EEA husband settelted in the UK and working there we decided to live together and i should move to live in the uk
    but we have some problems about me getting there
    my nationality is Yemeni and My husband is Polish
    we got married last july i met my husband in the UK and then he went back to poland that was before poland joined the european union
    and i went back to my country
    in 2004 october my husband moved to work and live in the uk and me and him got married last year july
    now i want to be with him and i really worried about gettin a refuse from the emabassy
    well my husband sent me these documents:
    work contract
    house contract
    Rent Bills
    bank statments
    and my husband annual pay is 8236.80
    thats for part time job but my husband also works over time in the same job and his monthly pay is about -840-1000 and sometimes more

    anyway as i found out from my husband bank statments his pay finishes b4 the end of the month
    but also i intending to work there in the uk once i arrive to help my husband and also to get more money

    can anyone help me with this issue and do you think the embassy may refuse my application because im really worried

    please help me

    take care
  2. Triple H

    Triple H Addicted member

    Feb 9, 2005
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    British (GB)
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