User's Charter

For the writer

  • Give a title according to the subject of the message. No title like Help or URGENT. Do not write your message or your title in UPPERCASE: no need to shout, everybody can hear you.
  • Choose carefully the appropriate forum for your post and use only the dedicated language.
  • Indicate the city or the country you are talking about in the title of the message (i.e. London: free English schools or The pregnancy leave in England).
  • Be polite: Please and Thanks are useful when you ask for information.
  • When you have information, do not answer directly by email as it may interest others.
  • You do not need to copy the same message in all the discussions (especially accommodation searches and offers): write it once only and then link to this message when you want to say exactly the same thing to others.
  • Before you ask information, check quickly that there is no answer already with our search feature on the forum and in the other sections of
  • For your offers and search of accommodations, but also for exchange of conversation and other ads, EasyExpat provides a classified ads section. Thanks for using it instead of messages on the forum for precise ads. However you can still use the accommodation section for advice and opinions to give or to ask.

For those who answer

  • If possible, give a link with your information (another website?).
  • When you have an information, do not answer directly by email as it may interest others.

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For other discussions, advice, question, point of view, get together, etc...: please use the forum.