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An au pair looks after the children while living in the home of the family. Au pairs are provided with food, accommodation, and an allowance, in addition to the opportunity of experiencing a country from a unique perspective. In exchange, the family gains a helpful hand in taking care of the young. Au pairs are more likely to be employed by expat families.

Au Pair in Romania

Being an au pair is not very common in Romania, as most of the Romanian families do not have the resources to employ them or seek out caretakers locally, through personal recommendations.

You may find work as an au pair in the home of foreigner families. Note that such caretakers may not live with the family and may be expected to be available only during certain timeframes.

There are no regulations regarding the rights and obligations of the au pairs and the host families, and there are no agencies to help you encounter such a position.

What the au pair must know

As there are no agencies offering placements as an au pair in Romania, you should search for host families yourself. Useful resources are classifieds websites and forums, especially expat forums.

Typically, au pairs should meet the following conditions:

  • Be fluent in English, German, French or other languages. Note that this is an important requirement, as some families employ au pairs in order to give their children the opportunity to learn a foreign language at home.
  • Have a High School diploma or equivalent
  • Be able to commit to a longer term placement
  • Be between 18-27 years old
  • Have child care experience (at least 6 months is commonly requested)
  • Be in good physical and mental condition
  • Provide references from past host families.

In addition to these requirements, families usually ask for non-smoking au pairs who are female. A driving license is a plus. Some families prefer native English speakers.

What the family has to do

Note that as there is no regulation regarding the relationship between au pairs and families, the two must agree on working conditions that are mutually beneficial.

Generally, the family should make sure that the au pair is welcome inside the home. Additionally, families should make sure that:

  • The au pair has her own bedroom.
  • The family will assist the au pair in finding medical attention.
  • The au pair receives a stipend.
  • The legal working hours of the country are respected, i.e. a maximum of 40 hours per week, with 2 days off during the week.
  • The au pair is not asked to do household tasks that have not been previously agreed upon in the contract.

You may look for offers in EasyExpat's Romania page, as well as in the Romania forum. You can also contact your embassy and ask if they have any listings from expat families from your own country. They might also compile a list of trusted caretakers where you can sign up and obtain future contacts.

There is no au pair visa offered by Romania. You should discuss with your host family the terms and conditions of the contract, and whether they will be able to assist you in obtaining a temporary visa.

Also refer to the "Passport and Visas" section.

Update 24/04/2017


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