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Polish banking sector has gone through a huge transformation during the last two decades. It is now modern and well developed sector and with 69 banks in a country it offers high quality and safe banking services.

There are many international as well as Polish banks on the market. All of them offer vast network of ATMs and branches across whole country. It is especially easy to find an ATM on main roads and in shopping centers. It is free to withdraw money from your bank's ATM and you will be usually charged around 5 PLN for withdrawing money from an ATM of different bank.

There is plenty of bank offers on the market. You can choose from traditional banking, internet banking or private banking - any offer that will suit your needs.

It is relatively easy to open a bank account, even without being a permanent resident in a country.

All the biggest banks have English versions of their websites.

Below is an overview of Polish biggest and most popular banks:

  • PKO BP [] the largest and at the same time one of the oldests Polish banks. It offers the biggest network of branches and ATMs in Poland.
  • Pekao SA [] second biggest Polish bank; member of UniCredit Group, offers fully functional English version of website
  • Bank BPH [] is Poland's third largest bank, owned by UniCredit,
  • Bank Zachodni WBK SA [] Poland's fourth largest commercial bank
  • ING Bank Slaski [] owned by ING Bank; providing services to individuals, commercial clients and institutions
  • Bank Pocztowy SA [] owned by Poczta Polska, Polish main postal operator; its services are available In over 4500 post offices
  • Kredyt Bank SA [] one of the first commercial bank in Poland after communism, based in Warsaw
  • mBank [] is the most popular virtual bank in Poland, owned by BRE Bank (which is owned by Commerzbank). Its services are available over the Internet, by telephone (Call Centre), WAP and SMS.
  • Getin Bank SA [] very young and dynamically growing 100% Polish bank

For full list of banks in Poland please visit:

Update 18/08/2008


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