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Luxembourg's small size make it ideal for maximum sight-seeing with minimal travel. Walking the cities, driving between towns, enjoying the trains, or flying in are all easily done.

Many of the transportation sites are only in French or German. An English-language interface for bus and train timetables helps English speakers plan trips.

Public Transportation

City Bus

A comprehensive bus system composes the core of Luxembourg City's transportation. It is run by the Autobus municipaux de la Ville de Luxembourg. The central bus station Hamilius is also at the center of town. Here, visitors can buy tickets, find maps, and plan trips. Service is reduced service on Saturdays and rare on Sunday. Dogs may ride city buses for free, but bikes are an additional fare.

Bus service out of town is also extensive. Every village has a station and buses leave at least once an hour. Buses numbered 100 and up take travelers outside of the city.


Bus fare is inexpensive, making it one of the best ways to travel.

A 2 hour ticket with unlimited transfers costs 1.50 euro.
A day ticket (billet reseau) costs 4 euro.
A month ticket costs 40 euro.

Bus tickets are also valid on the train.

There is a weekend ticket that only costs 6 Euro for up to 5 people. The ticket allows for unlimited travel on Luxembourg's public transport network for 1 day (either Saturday or Sunday) until 3 a.m. the next morning.



Luxembourg train station has connections to Paris (2 hours), Metz (1 hour), Brussels (3 hours) and Trier (43 min). The network of trains is best in the south, but limited to one main line (Ligne 10) in the north. Trains are generally run on time and comfortable.

Dogs and bicycles are allowed to travel on Luxembourg's trains for free.


Train fare is inexpensive, making it one of the best ways to travel.

A 2 hour ticket with unlimited transfers costs 1.50 euro.
A day ticket (billet reseau) costs 4 euro.
A month ticket costs 40 euro.

Train tickets are also valid on buses. Tickets are available at railway stations, on the bus, and at the airport.



The train is a better option for traveling internationally. If you prefer bus travel, Eurolines has the most comprehensive bus network in Europe. Travel time is 13 hours from London and 7 hours from Amsterdam. Tel: 08717/818-081 website:

Bus Timetables:


Luxembourg is a landlocked country and boat access is not possible. It is possible to take cruises on the Moselle river into Germany.


Luxembourg-Findel International Airport (IATA: LUX)
Located 6km outside Luxembourg City, the airport is served by Luxair, the national airline. The airport is quite small and easy to navigate.

Transport from the Airport

Taxi: The easiest way to reach the city is to hire a taxi. Multiple trust-worthy services are available taxis are available just outside the building. The ride takes 10-15 minutes.
Cost: about 25 euro to the railway station or the city center, depending on time of day and traffic. Taxis are metered, though there is an airport surcharge, Night tariff (22:00 to 6:00 is an additional 10 percent), Sunday surcharge (additional 25 percent), and a 2nd bag cost 0.75 cents.

Drive There are multiple international car rentals available at the airport. It is well connected to the major expressways; the A6 from Brussels / Arlon (West, Belgium), the A31-A3 from Metz (South, France), the A4 from Esch/Alzette (South), the A1 from Trier (East, Germany) and the A7 from Ettlebruck / Mersch (Northeast, Germany).

City Bus: No. 16 runs from the airport to the City Centre and Railway station. It runs at intervals of 15-20 minutes throughout the day and takes about 30-45 depending on traffic.
Cost: 1.50 euro
Telephone: (+352) 4796-2975 or


Taxi companies can be easily found in the yellow pages, but may be difficult to locate off the street unless in touristy areas or transportation centers.

During the day, taxis start the meter at about 3 euro and an additional 2.03 euro per kilometer. There is a 10% surcharge from 10pm until 6am, and a 25% increase on Sundays and holidays. You may round up to nearest euro for a tip. Most companies also offer limo and special event service.

  • Inter-Taxis: 40 52 52
  • ALO Taxi 352: 691 725 171
  • Benelux Taxis: 40 38 40
  • Lux-Town-Taxis: 27 76 14 44
  • Taxis Colux: 48 22 33
  • Taxis et Ambulances Pascoal: 52 38 83
  • Taxis Lorscheid: 49 16 76
  • Dudelange Taxi: 517676

Car Hire

Car rental is a straightforward process within Luxembourg with many international companies. Several major car rental dealers are located at the International Airport, and many garages offer car hire services.

Expect to pay about 45-60 euro/day. Fuel prices are lower than in most other EU countries. Car rental may require you to be over 21 years old, and may require an additional deposit until 25 years old. Must have a valid driver's license, insurance certificate, vehicle registration, and passport to drive.


Traffic drives on the right and you must overtake on the left. A ring-road surrounds Luxembourg City with motorways from Metz (A3), Brussels (A6) and Trier (A1) all connecting to it.

Speed Limit

National speed limits are: 50km/h in towns and villages
90km/h on open country roads (110 in some places on N7 and N11)
130km/h on the motorway (110 in the rain).


Seat belts are compulsory front and rear. Children under 12 years of age must travel in the back seats. Police impose on-the-spot fines known as "taxed warnings". Drivers are required to have 15 euros on them at all times in case of fine. The blood/alcohol limit is over 0.5 milligrams of alcohol per milliliter of blood, or 0.5%. If found to be over the limit, fines are severe, drivers will lose points off their licence and they may be imprisoned. .

The site,, offers up-to-date information on road conditions and traffic. The Automobile Club du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (ACL) also has useful information on driving (mostly in French).


Finding parking within the city can be difficult on weekends. There are open-air spots, car parks, and free park & rides just outside of the city. If you park in a paid spot, there are meters on the street that dispense parking tickets.

    There are four zones with different hourly tariffs:
  • Orange: Parking is allowed for a maximum of 2 hours
  • Yellow: Parking is allowed for a maximum of 2 hours
  • Green: Parking is allowed for a maximum of 5 hours
  • Purple: Parking is allowed for a maximum of 10 hours
Large underground garages can be found near the post office off boulevard Royal, at place de Theater, and off of Rue Notre Dame.

City Map:
Road Map:

Update 1/03/2011


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