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It is difficult to find a good job in Copenhagen without an EU passport and fluent Danish. However if you’re not fussy, you should be able to pick up menial jobs that pay pretty well.

Newspapers are a good way to get a feel for jobs available. The Wednesday and Sunday editions of Berlingske Tidende ( and Politiken ( are a good source of job listings as well as some free papers such as Søndagsavisen ( You can also search online job listings at Jobzonen ( and Stepston (

Jobs in Copenhagen ( is a good website to check, as they specialise in jobs for English speakers.

If you’re looking for casual work, a direct approach might probably work best. Just head up to some local bars, fast food chains, hotels and restaurants and ask about vacancies. Many of them need help in the summer to cope with the tourists.

Job Hunting in Copenhagen

This is a case of different strokes for different folks. There are a couple of options to go about your job search in Copenhagen. Choose the one that fits you best.

Option 1. Head for the Employment Agencies.

If you have an EU passport it's worth checking out the employment agencies (vikarbureauer). Though most jobs require an adequate level of Danish, sometimes you might just get by with the basics for more labour-intensive work.

Some of the agencies to get in touch with are as listed below.

Option 2. Nordjobb

If you're a citizen of the Nordic countries/regions (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Aaland Islands, the Faroe Islands or Greenland) and aged between 18 and 26, you’re in luck. You can apply for Nordjobb and get a summer job in one of these countries. Find out more on

Option 3. Work Exchange Programmes

The Danish Cultural Institute organizes a number of exchange programmes. Check with your local office for more information.


Kulturforum DanAustria
Ferstelgasse 3/4, A-1090
Tel: 1 408 67 90


Institut Culturel Danois/Deens Cultureel Instituut
9, avenue de l'Exposition Universelle, B-1080 Brussels
Tel: (02) 428 8746


Dänisches Kulturinstitut
Steinstrasse 48, D-44009
Tel: (0231) 811682


Dán Kulturális Intézet
Zimay L u 4, H-6000 Kecskmét
Tel : 76 32 39 23


Dunski Instytut Kultury
ul. Piwna 36/39, PL-80831
Tel: 58 31 17 64


Danish Cultural Institute
Carlsberg House, 3 Downe Terrace,
Edinburgh EH3 6DY
Tel: (0131) 225 7189

Some other short –term job options could include newspaper delivery. It’s easy to get this job as Danish is generally not required. You’ll need to own a cycle and be an early bird though. Papers must be delivered before 6.30am Mon-Fri and before 8am Sat, Sun and Holidays. Salary depends on your district and the number of papers you deliver.


Au Pair

You can find more information in our Au Pair article.

Update 7/04/2017


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