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Employment Visas

You do not require a visa to work in Denmark if you are a resident of an EEA country (the European Union countries and Switzerland). European workers are entitled to work in Denmark and do not need a permit, although if you are going to be resident for more than three months, you will need to obtain a Residence Permit.

Non EEA workers must apply for a Work Permit at the Danish consulate in their home country. The usual processing time for a work permit is 4-6 weeks. Applicants will be expected to show that they have paid employment in Denmark and employers must demonstrate that they are unable to fill the position using Danish labour.

Residence Permit

For non EEA nationals, a work permit will be required and the Residence Permit is included with the work permit, i.e. if you are granted permission to work in the country, you are also granted permission to reside there for the same period of time.

EEA nationals who will reside in Denmark for more than 3 months must obtain a Residence Permit. This is a formality, but will be required by other authorities when registering for social security and tax. If you are moving to Denmark with family members, you should complete the separate section on the application form, giving details of the relatives who will be living with you.

Copies of the Residence Permit application form can be downloaded from ENTER SITE and include instructions in Danish, English and French. When submitting your application, you must also provide:

  • A recent passport photograph
  • Evidence that you have enough income to support yourself without help from the state (a simple letter from your employer stating the period that you will spend in Denmark and the annual salary that you will receive will normally suffice)

You can obtain further advice on visa requirements from your consulate.

Do not mix consulate and embassy. The embassy is the representation of the State in a foreign country and is in charge of all the relations with the government of the country where located. The consulate protects and administrates the community coming from his country. However, you must usually live in the country for 6 months before you can register. You can obtain more detailed information from the Consulate.

Update 15/09/2007


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