TV & Internet in Nicosia


TV in Cyprus

No TV license is required in Cyprus.

PAL (Phase Alternate Lines) is the television transmission standard in Cyprus. Although most newer multi system TVs should work here, double check if you have an older television set and are coming in to Cyprus, because you may need to make a simple modification for older TVs in order to get sound.

Also, ensure the TV you are bringing is MPEG4 compatible. If you are not sure, there are plenty of large electronics stores such as Electroline, Stephanides, and Fournaris at which you can buy reasonably priced television sets.

TV Channels in Cyprus

Cyprus has several local free-to-air channels, including two State Broadcasting channels. These include the following:

  • CyBC 1 (Greek & English programming)
  • CyBC 2 (Greek & English programming)
  • Sigma TV (Geared towards Cypriots)
  • Antenna/Ant1
  • Mega
  • Lumiere TV
  • Alpha TV
  • CNC Plus TV

Depending on where you are, you may also receive some additional free local channels, and a few free satellite channels

Cable and Satellite TV

Cablenet is the only cable provider in Cyprus! Unfortunately, Cablenet has somewhat limited coverage, but it is present in the majority of urban areas.

All packages include both Cypriot and International satellite television channels. For no additional cost, you can watch 3 different TV channels simultaneously from 3 different TV sets around your home. To get a basic cable package without internet, the “cable/view+” package, it costs 17.90 Euros per month.

The most popular satellite provider in Cyprus is Satellite Cyprus, which airs mostly UK channels for expats for an initial fee of 139 Euros. Satellite Cyprus airs the BBC channels, itv channels, and plenty of other channels on its satellite program. You must have an internet connection to get this package.

Internet Service in Cyprus

In order to obtain Internet in Cyprus, you must first have a landline installed. Most locals contact Cyta to install their landline, no matter what Internet provider they end up using.

May providers offer packages that include telephone, television and Internet services all together.


The leading providers for Internet service in Cyprus are Cyta and Primetel, but Internet service is a constantly expanding business, so new competitors are popping up constantly. These include:

Internet Installation in Cyprus

Installation is usually, though not always, offered free along with the Internet provider package you purchase.

A landline is usually required prior to Internet installation.

Internet Cafes in Cyprus

Cyprus is full of Internet cafes, so finding one is usually not an issue. Internet is relatively affordable, as most cafes will charge about 1 Euro for an hour of access, though a select few can charge up to 2-2.5 Euros.

Here are some of the most highly recommended Internet cafes in Nicosia:

  • Net Gate Internet Café at Steliou Ioannou Square, 1100, Nicosia
  • Intencity at 2-4 Arch. Makariou III Ave, Flat 128, 1065, Nicosia
  • Antoniou Internet Café at 67A Kallipoleos Ave, 1071, Nicosia
  • Minoshis Kiosk at Onasagorou Str, 1011, Nicosia
  • Town Center – Internet Café at 14 Thrakis, 1015, Nicosia

WiFi in Cyprus

Select chains such as Starbucks offer free WiFi throughout all their Cyprus locations, and thanks to the efforts of the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, more and more parts of Cyprus are being covered with free WiFi.

Most independent local establishments now also offer free WiFi in Cyprus. If you want a list of the restaurants, cafes and bars that offer it, check out this WiFi guide for Paphos, and you can find guides like it for other Cypriot cities on the Internet.

Update 1/02/2018


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