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The Cyprus Post, known in Greek as Κυπριακἀ Ταχυδρομεἰα, operates the postal services throughout Cyprus. The Cyprus Post website is available in both English and Greek, and provides information on pricing, services, tracking, postcodes, local post offices, as well as money orders and transfers.

Domestic letters mostly reach their destination the next day, with a maximum delivery time of three days, while international letters can take up to 1-2 weeks to arrive at their destination. Domestic letters cost a minimum of 0.34 Euros to send, and the price will increase depending on weight, distance, and if you want faster delivery time. Check what postal rate you can expect to pay with Cyprus Post's handy postal rate calculator tool.

If you want your letter to arrive faster, you can choose the slightly more expensive airmail option.

The price to send parcels differs depending on weight, size, and type of parcel, UPS and DHL also have locations throughout Cyprus, if you would like to send a package with these carriers.

If you are sending a letter or package internationally from Cyprus, the destination country will also affect the price, as Zone A countries (Europe, some of North Africa and the Middle East) are less expensive than Zone B countries (the rest of the world).

Post Offices & Mailboxes in Cyprus

Post offices in Cyprus are usually open from 7:30 AM to 1:30 on weekdays, and in some districts, especially in larger cities, they are also open in the afternoon.

Post boxes in Cyprus are easy to identify, as they are usually yellow containers, cylindrical in shape, that have “LETTER BOX” written on them in English and Greek (ΓΡΑΜΜΑΤΟΚΙΒΩΤΙΟ).

Nicosia's Main Post Office

Nicosia District Post Office
Prodromou 100, Strovolos 2063
+357 22 805802

Nicosia has many other post offices:

  • Aglatzias (Αγλαντζιἀς)
  • Acropolis (Ακρὀπολης)
  • Egkomi  (Ἐγκωμης)
  • Kaimakliou-Palouriotisas (Καιμακλἰου-Παλλουριὠτισσας)
  • Likavitou (Λυκαβητοὐ)
  • Omologiton (Αγἰων Ομολογητὠν)
  • Pediaiou (Πεδιαἰου)
  • Eleftheria Square (Πλατεἰας Ελευθερἰας)
  • Strovolou (Στροβὀλου)

Addressing Mail in Cyprus

You should address letters in Cyprus in the following way:

Full name of recipient
Property number and full street name
Postcode and municipality or community

Domestic mail should be addressed in Greek, though inbound mail from other countries can be addressed in English.

Post Codes in Cyprus

In Cyprus, postcodes are four digit numbers, often with the prefix CY. The first digit tells you the district in which the address is located.

You can search for Cypriot postcodes on the Cyprus Post site, though the search function and results are in Greek.

Update 1/02/2018


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