Gas, Electricity, Water in Nicosia


Unless you are in a short-term rental in Nicosia (6 months or less), all utilities including gas (with the exception of water) are often paid for by the tenant. Either way, you should check your initial lease to make sure if paying for gas is up to you or the landlord before you sign.

If you rent or buy a house, you will place utilities (including gas) in your name by sending the utility company a lease agreement or proof of ownership document

Gas Utilities in Cyprus

There is no country-wide gas network in Cyprus. Gas is rarely used as source of power in Cyprus.

Natural gas may be used for cooking and heating, and it is usually sold in 10 Kg canisters at supermarkets, although larger canisters of 15 Kg, 35 Kg, and 50 KG exist as well. If you want to avoid going to the store and get larger quantities, you can arrange with the supermarkets to deliver larger bottles of gas directly to your house.

If you choose to buy gas and live in a condominium or co-op, make sure they have no restrictions or regulations against the use of gas in the building.

Gas Rates in Cyprus

Gas rates in Cyprus are constantly fluctuating and vary depending on the size of the canister/bottle you are ordering, so you will have to check on prices with your local supermarket.

If it your first time buying gas in Cyprus, perhaps you might like to shop around at 3-4 different supermarkets to make sure you are getting the best price.

Either way, you will have to pay a deposit the first time you purchase a new gas canister.

Electricity in Cyprus

Almost all cities, towns, and houses in Cyprus are connected to the island-wide electricity grid. Just recently in 2015, Cyprus also undertook a major effort to reconnect the electricity grids of the Official State of Cyprus in the south and the unrecognized Turkish claim of Cyprus in the north.

Electrical Plug-ins in Cyprus

Domestic electricity in Cyprus is 240 V AC, 50 HZ. You have to use British-type plugs, which are 13 amp plugs with 3 flat pins.

You can buy adapters in order to charge devices that come with US-adapted or EU-adapted plugs.

Electricity Providers in Cyprus

Electricity in Cyprus is provided only by the state-owned Electricity Authority of Cyprus, so you have to register with one of the EAC's local customer service centers to get your electricity connected and turned on. Check the EAC's website for a list of customer service centers near you.

The main ECA offices in Nicosia is:

Head Office - EAC
11, Amfipoleos Str.
2025 Strovolos
P.O. Box 24506
1399 Lefkosia
+357 22 20 10 00

You will need different documentation depending on whether you need your electricity connected for a new property or reconnected. Each property gets a 10-digit premise ID number which remains the same regardless of owner/tenant transfers.

If your landlord is in charge of electricity, they will register for you and charge you according to meter usage.

Electricity Rates in Cyprus

Electricity rates are charged per KW according to meter usage, and you can choose to get a paper or online bill. You will be billed every two months for electricity usage.

To pay your bill, you can arrange for direct debit from your bank account, visit your bank or a nearby EAC Customer Service Centre, pay by mail with check or postal order, pay at ATMs, or with a bank card on the EAC website.

VAT and fixed charges are added to the end of each 2-month bill, though domestic customers can apply to pay their electricity bill in monthly installments.

Water Utilities in Cyprus

Even though the Cyprus Water Development Department is in charge of public water supply to the island as a whole, each municipality has its own water authority, so water rate varies from municipality to municipality.

Tap water in Cyprus is generally safe to drink, as water pollution on the island is negligible. Tap water in Cyprus is generally desalinated sea water or rain water, collected in huge reservoirs during Cyprus' winter, the wettest season of the year in Cyprus.

However, even though the tap water is very safe to drink, the minerals in water vary from country to country, so as in any new country there is a slight chance the foreign water might upset your stomach slightly until you get used to it.

Most rentals and houses in Cyprus will already have a running water supply, but check on the status of the water supply, especially if you are moving into a brand new building, just in case, as the Water Development Department will need a few days' notice for connection.

Bottled water in Cyprus is readily available and usually costs between 0.50 Euros and 1 euro. 

Water Utility Providers in Nicosia

The Cyprus Water Development Department provides water service to the whole island, but each municipality has its own water authority.

Water Tariffs in Nicosia

Water tariffs in Nicosia are based on water meter readings, and bills are issues every quarter to residents. You will receive your bill in the mail, but you can pay either online (JCC Smart Payment Portal), at the local municipality office or water authority, or at your local bank.

Update 1/02/2018


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