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London: How to open a bank account?

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Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to open a bank account in London, especially when you just come and live in shared without an invoice or contract to his name.

Overall, to open a bank account (you will find in Comprehensive training in the section Practice ) you must take with you proof of identity and domicile (passport, identity card or driver's Bag uire, recent bill with your address). You'll also need a recent statement from your old bank account (or contact your account abroad).

But without an invoice and proof of domicile, it can be re calve one traverses the fighter. The first tip is to make several banks: Lloyds, Natwest, Barclays, HSBC etc .... It is even recommended to try several agencies.

To put everything on your side, pl us the documents cited above, it may be useful to have a letter from your employer explaining your employment and / or a letter from your landlord (if you can not obtain other proof of residence) with the evi ve (bills, council tax) linking with the home. Without proof of residence, however it is possible that the bank refuses to give you from the start a credit card.

Also feel free to contact the agency primarily used EDC by your employer or that of your landlord, it may make things easier.

Do not forget that the Barclays and HSBC are present in France. So if you have accounts in the bank in France questions, your openness to London will be facilitated.

Finally, we note Lloyds TSB Worldwide Services, which will open a bank account if, among other things, you have income (certified by your employer) of at least £ 15000/an and Proof of address (even in France) of less than 3 months.

To cash checks directly in the meantime, you can use one of 23 foreign exchange offices f = "http://www.chequepoint.com/"> Chequepoint. They can pour liquid, with 7% commission, but must provide identification and proof of address in Great Br

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