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Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents pay towards their medical insurance (with input from their employers). The government has set up the ‘3M' framework - Medisave, Medishield and Medifund. This system combines individual responsibility with government funding, particularly to provide of low income earners and poorer individuals with a safety net. In addition to this, many employees and their dependants take out private health insurance, often funded by employers on behalf of employees. This usually covers services not covered within the 3M framework.

If, however, you an are an expat, you have the following options for medical insurance:

  1. Verify whether your expat package includes medical insurance in Singapore . Ensure that you know what includes and, more importantly, what it doesn't.
  2. If your company is based in Singapore , you can usually expect to get medical coverage. Again, do check what and who is covered.

Private insurance is widely used in Singapore by both Singaporeans and expats. It can be used to supplement your existing company insurance, or as your principal cover if you do not qualify for company health care.

Whatever you choose to do or whoever you choose to go with, please check very carefully that you are adequately covered for all eventualities. Policies vary greatly from company to company, and you will have to ensure that your policy does not exclude things like chronic illness, longer-term hospitalisation and pregnancy and childbirth.

You may also like to check with your bank to see what kind of insurance they provide. Whatever you choose to do, shop around for coverage and charges before deciding on a policy.

Update 16/01/2013


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Expatriate health insurance

Expatriate health insurance in Singapore

With so much to deal with before leaving your home country, (taxes, moving house, paperwork etc.) the careful planning of your expatriation to Singapore is an essential step. As far as healthcare is concerned, your local social security scheme won’t be accompanying you to your host country and, once abroad, you might be surprised by the care system you find in Singapore. So, before leaving, make sure you have appropriate cover! works in partnership with APRIL International to provide specific insurance solutions for travelling or staying outside your country of nationality.

Insurance solutions to suit your profile and with the flexibility to meet your insurance needs

Designed for either short or long stays, APRIL International’s insurance policies offer protection against any problems that might arise before departure or during your time in Singapore: cancelling your trip, medical expenses following an illness or accident, needing to be repatriated, causing damage to a third party or losing your luggage.

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