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Though most Norwegians speak at least some English, learning the language aids everyday transactions and helps to assimilate into a foreign culture. It is also difficult to become a part of the higher workforce without some Norwegian. There are actually two Norwegian languages: Bokmal and Nynorsk. Bokmal is used by the majority of the population and is the usual language of business.

If you have a residence permit for at least three months and are employed by a Norwegian company you become eligible for free Norwegian language courses, sponsored by the Norwegian Government. A list of participating municipalities can be found by:
Statens utdanningskontor
Postboks 8105 Dep.
0032 Oslo, Norway
Tel: + 47 2200 3800

There are also private schools and tutoring to learn the Norwegian language. Ads for these services are usually available in the yellow pages, by contacting your local city services, and informally in grocery store/community center bulletin boards.

Folkeuniversitetet - the largest organization in Norway that offers language training. - search this website for sprafakskoler to find language schools - Oslo's Adult Education center. Also offer information about courses for fee-paying and non fee-paying learners of Norwegian.
University of Oslo, Institute of Linguistics (Tel: 47 22 85 67 34)
Rosenhof Voksenopplafaringssenter (Tel: 47 22 38 77 00)

Update 17/08/2010


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