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To return to your home country, follow similar steps to "Before the Departure" and close down your Oslo household. Along with finding work and housing in the country you are moving to, you will need to give your notice at your current position, end the lease if you are renting, and sell your house if applicable. Note that ending your lease early will usually result in a penalty so try to time your departure so that it coincides with the end of your contract. If selling your house, employ an estate agent and start early as selling a house can be a very slow process. Make sure to cancel your utilities upon leaving your residence.

Along with these major changes, you will usually need to cancel or change your bank service and will need to contact the bank directly to find out how to do that. You will also need to forward your mail, and change your subscriptions. Contact your consulate to find out details about your countries recommended procedures on issues such as pensions and unemployment.

Prepare your goods to go through customs by making a detailed inventory of all that you are transporting. A moving form attestation can be secured through your Consulate. To have the lowest taxes you will need to have had a residence abroad for more than 12 months and have had use of the possessions in a private capacity for at least 6 months. Objects which you have taken out of Norway may be re-imported free of customs and excise duties.

In tandem with shutting down your foreign house, you need to prepare your next location. This includes finding a new apartment or house, or opening your house and possibly re-establishing your utilities. If moving with a pet, the same documentation is required as for an animal entering Norway. Be sure to check into the regulations for the country you are moving to. If you have children, you will need to find the right school and arrange for their records to be transferred. If any members of your family are not from the country you are moving to, you may need to secure visas for their entry. Prepare well in advance to avoid problems.

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Update 17/08/2010


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