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Preparing to go abroad includes securing important documents, making copies, and a lot of planning. It is vital to make copies of everything and keep it in a separate secure space. It is a great idea to take 3 copies of your passport, visas, and other paperwork that is facilitating your move. Keep one with you, one in an accessible, but safe place (i.e. safe deposit box), and one that is with a trusted relative of friend that can give you the information if something were to happen to you or the other copies.

    A checklist of other things to consider:
  1. Passports: check expiration- must not expire within 6 months of your arrival. Make at least 2 copies and keep one in a safe place separate from your original passport.
  2. Secure medical insurance and possibly travel insurance to prevent unmanageable medical bills and enable entry into other countries.
  3. Research and apply for a Visa. This can take several months to obtain before you leave.
  4. Save enough money to support your cost of living and lifestyle plus travel costs with enough of a buffer to be prepared for the unexpected.
  5. Bring things to facilitate transition like a universal electric plug adaptor, any medications you take, or anything else to make you comfortable during the transition. Note that prescription drugs should be in their original packaging and be accompanied by a prescription from your doctor, if possible in English. There is also an issue of clothing. Though Oslo is not as cold as one would expect for a Northern country, ice and snow on the ground can make for slippery walking. If you are arriving during the worst of the snowy season, purchase boots with soft rubber soles and large spaces between the tracks. This prevents snow and ice from getting stuck in the boot.


If you are bringing pets with you, documentation is required and you will need to plan in advance.

    This includes:
  • International Health Certificate
  • A certificate of vaccination against rabies
  • Proof of owners full name and address including state and country
  • Documents showing the animals name, breed, gender, size, color, coat and any other specific markings

With animals other then dogs, cats, and birds there may be restrictions on their movement (particularly in the case of rare and endangered species). Requirements for exporting animals vary greatly between countries and it best to check with your country of current residence before trying to export an unusual animal.


On the home front, make sure all bills are paid or have a means of being paid. If you are retaining a residence while abroad, make sure the rent is taken care of and that utilities are being paid while you are away. Insure that important institutions like your bank and business are able to reach you.

If you are retaining a bank in your home country, ask about fees for overseas transactions. If you have a credit card, find out if there are additional fees or any changes you need to make with your account. Inform banking industries that you will abroad so as to not arouse suspicious activity on your account as anti-theft systems can see this activity and put a most inconvenient hold on your account.

Research your cost of living including housing, food and utilities and create a cushion of savings. You should be able to cover your costs for at least three months as you adjust to a new standard of living.


It is best to inform tax offices of any change in residency. Some countries have reciprocal tax agreements, and others may require you to pay some form of taxes both in your home country and aboard. Most National Tax Administrations are an excellent resource for exactly what steps to take when moving away. For more information, refer to our section on Taxes.

Update 16/08/2010


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