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Norway is a little late to the theatre scene, but has been making impressive strides. Professional theatre was started here in 1827, but it was not until the last few decades that Norway established a international presence. The number of plays produced in the last 25 years has doubled. There are now 22 permanent theatres in Norway in addition to the Norwegian Opera.

Norway's Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs also created a new initiative in 2001 called the Cultural School Bag (Den kulturelle skolesekken) which allows all school children in primary school the opportunity to see one or two professional performances every year.

The National Stage in Bergen is Norway's oldest existing theatre. It has been operating continuously since 1876.

The National Theatre
One of Norway's largest and most prominent venues for performance of dramatic arts. The theatre had its first performance in 1899, but can actually trace its roots further back to the Christiania Theatre in 1829. It has three permanent stages with the fourth one located in Torshov. Only renowned international producers are allowed to stage their plays here. The theater is funded directly by the Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs.
Address: Situated right in the center of Oslo, between the Royal Palace and the Parliament
Johanne Dybwads Plass 1, N-0161 Oslo
Tel.: 47 2200 1400

Edderkoppen Theatre
Edderkoppen (which means Spider Theatre) was inaugurated in 2003. The main hall has 600 seats with two balconies. Additionally, it has facilities like a VIP room, 4 bars, and lounge areas. Address: Boks 6760, St. Olavsplass, 0130 Oslo
Tel: +47 40 003 616

Theatre boat MS Innvik
Nordic Black Theatre is a floating theatre and the Nordic Black Express Group also acts as a training school for actors. The ship is also a Bed & Breakfast, Cafe, and Family Reggae Disco.
Address: Langakaia, Bjafaârvika, 0505 Oslo
Tel: +47 22 419 500

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Oslo offers a respectable art scene, including the Opera House opened in April 2008. The building serves as home of the Norwegian Opera and Ballet (Den Norske Opera & Ballett). Located by the sea and close to the central station, the building is shaped as a glacier or a ship, it was designed by the Norwegian architecture firm Snafaâhetta. The building was awarded the 2008 prize for best cultural building at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona, and the prestigious Mies van der Rohe award for best European contemporary architecture in 2009.

There are actually three stages:
The main theatre (1369 seats)
Scene 2 (400 seats)
Rehearsal theatre (200 seats)

Kirsten Flagstads plass 1



Oslo museums give visitors a taste of Norway, old and new. Vikings, Peace Prize laureates, classic art, modern sculpture can all be found in the city's diverse facilities.

The Historical Museum (Historisk museum) offers antiques, coin collections, and a section of medals and ethnography.
Admission: Free entrance
Open: Tue - Sun 11:00- 16:00
Frederiks gate 2
0164 Oslo
Tel: 22 85 99 64

The National Gallery features one of the most famous art pieces, Edvard Munch's "The Scream". There are also works by Adolph Tidemand and Hans Gude, whose "Bridal Voyage on the Hardanger Fjord" is described as "one of the most important in Norwegian art."

Admission: Free entrance
Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10.00-18.00
Thursday: 10.00-19.00
Saturday and Sunday: 11.00-17.00.
Universitetsgaten 13 (helpful signs lead the way)
Tel : 47-21-98-20-00

The Viking Ship Museum (Vikingskipshuset) presents great Viking ship discoveries from Gokstad, Oseberg and Tune as well as other finds from Viking tombs around the Oslo Fjord. Among the biggest attractions are the world's two best-preserved wooden Viking ships built in the 9th century.

Admission: 60 kr per person. Free entrance with the Oslo Pass. Discounts for children, seniors, and groups.
Open: All week 10-16:00
Huk Aveny 35
0287 OSLO

Nobel Peace Center (Nobels Fredssenter) offers information about the Peace Prize laureates. There is also info about Alfred Nobel, his life and work.

Admission: 80 kr. Free admission with the Oslo Pass.
Open: Tue - Fri 10:00- 20:00
Brynjulf Bulls plass 1
0124 Oslo
Tel.: 48 30 10 00

Norway's Resistance Museum (Norges Hjemmefrontmuseum) commemorates the five years of occupation by Nazi forces. The museum covers the history from invasion to liberation.
Admission: 30 kr. Free entrance with the Oslo Pass.
Mon - Fri 10:00- 16:00
Sat & Sun 11:00- 16:00
Akershus Festning
0015 Oslo
Tel: 23 09 31 38

Natural History Museum (Naturhistorisk museum) actually encompasses several museums, including the Botanical Garden and the greenhouses. The Zoological Museum shows animals from all over the world, and the Mineralogical-Geological Museum building includes the Paleontological Museum and Norway's only dinosaur museum.

Botanical Garden
Admission: 50 kr. Entrance to the garden is free.
Open: 7 am on weekdays, 10 on weekends and public holidays. The gates close at 17:00 from October to March, and till 21:00 March to September.
Sars' gate/Monrads gate, Tafaâyen
0562 Oslo
Tel: 22 85 17 00

Vigeland Sculpture Park (Vigelandsparken) is one of Norway's most visited attractions. Every year, over 1 million visitors venture into the unique park. The art in this park are the life works of the sculptor Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943). There are over 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and cast iron.

Admission : Entrance is free.
Open: The park is open all year at all times.
0268 Oslo

Kon-Tiki Museum celebrates Thor Heyerdahlone of Norway's most famous scientists, adventurers and champions of the environment. This museum has original boats and exhibits from Thor Heyerdahl's world famous expeditions. Permanent exhibitions include information and artefacts from Ra, Tigris, Fatu-Hiva, Kon-Tiki, and Easter Island.

Adults NOK 60
Children NOK 25
Families NOK 120
Open: 10:30- 15:30 most of the year
Location: in Bygdafaây

Norwegian Museum of Science & Technology is also the national museum of industry and medicine. There are exhibits on oil and gas production, hydroelectric power, transportation. There is also a robot centre for children ages 8-16!
Registration for the robot centre is 30kr is at the reception min and must be made 30 minutes in advance.

Admission: 90 kr. Free entrance with the Oslo Pass.
Open: 10:00- 18:00 every day
Kjelsafasveien 143
0491 Oslo
Tel: 22 79 60 00

Munch Museum (Munch-museet) explores the world of artist Edvard Munch. A pioneer in expressionism, the collection consists of a large number of paintings, graphical prints and drawings.
Guided tours in Norwegian on Sundays at 1 pm. Guided tours in English every day in July and August at 1 pm.
Films about Edvard Munch's life and art on weekdays 10.10 am-3.50 pm and on weekends 11.10 am-4.50 pm.

Admission: 75kr. Free entrance with the Oslo Pass.
Winter hours (September to May)
Tuesday to Friday: 10:00 - 16:00
Saturday - Sunday: 11:00 - 17:00
Summer hours (June to August)
Every day from 10:00 - 18:00
Note: The museum is closed due to an exhibition change 27 September-7 October 2010. The shop and cafes are open during this time, except on Mondays.
Tafayengata 53
0578 Oslo
Tel: 23 49 35 00

Akershus Fortress (Akershus festning) is a structure that was built in 1299 under king Hafakon V. The medieval castle was modernized by King Christian IV (1588-1648) and made into a Renaissance castle and royal residence. During the 17th and 18th century the castle fell into decay, and restoration work only started in 1899. Today, guided tours of the fortress are available.
Changing of the guards (HM The King's Guards) every day at 1.30 pm.

Akershus festning
0015 Oslo
Tel: 23 09 39 17

The Wooden House area can be reached by travelling to Kampen (bus 60), Vafalerenga (bus 37), Rodelafaâ ̧kka (tram 17, bus 31 to Sofienberg) and Telthusbakken (bus 34/54). They are a living piece of history as people still inhabit the residences. There are also cafes and restaurants to visit.

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