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The Healthcare System

Mozambique's national health system has three different levels: the public, the private for-profit and the private non-profit. The public system is the main provider however the standard of care is generally quite low.

In Maputo, there are a number of private for-profit options that are generally preferred by expats -outside of the capital, private care is extremely limited. In the event of a serious emergency or any form of surgery, expats will generally opt to seek care in South Africa (Nelspruit is the nearest major town). In South Africa, care is far more specialized and of a much higher quality.

Some religious institutions also provide healthcare. They are generally more prominent in more remote communities.

General Practitioner/Doctor in Mozambique

Mozambican doctors offer a wide range of skills and levels of expertise. The majority of them are located in Maputo and some other major urban centers. Generally, in the private system you will find more skilled doctors who offer more specialized care and are more likely to speak English. The US Embassy annually produces a list of Maputo-based health care practitioners that is a helpful first resource.

If you are using the public system, you will be expected to pay in cash (not credit card) for any services rendered. All consultations are provided at a rate of MZM 2, and there are exceptions for things like malaria, and HIV/AIDS.

How to Find a Doctor in Mozambique

Registration and referrals are typically not needed when seeking out a new doctor or specialist. For specific questions and recommendations, try consulting the EasyExpat Mozambique forum.

Dentists in Mozambique

A small amount of dental care is available in Maputo. The US Embassy's annually published list of doctors includes a number of listings for dentists, but most expats will opt to have any dental work done in South Africa.

Optometrists in Mozambique

Optometrists are even more difficult to find in Mozambique, especially outside of Maputo. The US Embassy's annually published list of doctors is helpful in identifying local optometrists, but most expats will opt to have any eye exams done in South Africa.

Update 15/06/2015


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