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In 2011 all TV transmissions in Malta were upgraded from traditional analogue to a modern digital system. To receive the six free, locally produced TV channels in Malta (TVM, TVM2, Favourite Channel, NET TV, ONE, and Smash TV) viewers need a UHF aerial and a digital decoder or digital TV set, available from most electronic shops.

Malta does not have a TV license fee.


There are 5 major local TV channels in Malta:

  • TVM
  • One Television
  • NET Television
  • Smash Television
  • Favourite Channel

The state and political parties subsidize these local channels.

British, Italian, American, and Arabic television programming are most common in Malta. Channels from across Europe, the Middle East, Russia and North America are also carried, as well as international and local news stations.

Few TV series air in Malta at the same time as the rest of Europe and North America. There is generally a two to six week delay in airtimes. Some TV series are several seasons behind in Malta.

Cable TV

TV services are available from local companies Melita and GO. Basic services start at €4-€10 per month.

Both companies offer PVR, sports, and entertainment packages. HD television and Video On Demand are also available. TV services can also be bundled with Internet, mobile, and telephone services.

One-time installation fees may apply, and range from €40-€60, according to your provider. Leasing charges are also applicable on TV equipment, such as Set-Top Boxes, and range from €65-€200.      

Satellite TV

Satellite TV is not officially (i.e. legally) available in Malta.


Internet access in Malta is generally fast and reliable compared to other countries. Currently, 4Mbps Internet access costs as little as €14 per month, while 200Mbps access costs €100 per month. Internet services can also be bundled with TV, mobile, and telephone services.


Melita and GO are the two main Internet service providers in Malta.

Contact a local provider to set up an installation before or after you arrive on the island. Installation wait times are generally short, however, be advised that installers may be required to drill holes in your flat or house's rock walls to run wires. Installation fees may be paid up front in cash. Installation and equipment leasing charges may apply, and vary from a onetime installation fee of €15-€40, to equipment leasing fees of €3 monthly.

Some services may require a refundable deposit from foreigners to open an account. You will also require a passport or Maltese ID card, and proof of residence. Most services are billed on a monthly basis. Bills can be paid online or at Malta Post offices.

Internet Café

Few Internet cafes are available in Malta. More commonly, cafes and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi access to customers.

Internet Cafes in Malta are normally located in popular tourist areas, such as Sliema and St. Julian's.


Free Public Wi-Fi is offered throughout the islands at 165 hotspots across Malta. You can access a map of free Wi-Fi hotspots on the Malta Communications Authority web site.

Hotspot services are also popular at bars, restaurants, and shops at a small fee through providers Vanilla or Ozone. Vanilla Telecoms also offers Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the islands from €2 per hour to €55 per month. Ozone's Wi=Fi access costs as little as €1 per day or €5 per day.

Many bars, cafes, restaurants, and hotels also offer free Wi-Fi to patrons. A Free Wi-Fi sign displayed in the business' window normally indicates this.

Update 25/05/2013


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