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To Call Internationally from Malta

To call internationally from Malta, you must dial 00+ plus the country code. For example, calls to the UK start with 0044, to Germany 0049, and to the U.S. and Canada 001.

To Call Malta Internationally

The country code for Malta is 356.

To dial Malta internationally, you must dial the exit code for your country +356 XXXX XXXX. For example, the exit code for the U.S. and Canada is 011 + 356 + XXXX XXXX.

Calling within Malta

Phone numbers follow an eight-digit format and are generally written as: (+356) XXXX XXXX or (+356) XX XXXXX.

There are no area codes in Malta.

Fixed lines in Malta generally begin with a 2: 2XXX XXXX.

Mobile phone numbers begin with a 7 or 9: 7XXX XXXX or 9XXX XXXX.


Telephone providers in Malta include:

  • GO: also offers mobile, telephone, TV and Internet services in Malta. These services are available individually, or as a package or bundle.
  • Melita: also offers mobile, TV and Internet services in Malta. These services are available individually, or as a package or bundle.
  • Vodafone: also offers mobile and mobile Internet services in Malta.


To open a fixed line telephone account, contact a local service provider. Installation wait times are generally short, however, be advised that installers may be required to drill holes in your flat or house's rock walls to run wires. If you rent property, you will have to notify your landlord of phone line installation. Installation fees may be applicable, and vary by provider.

Public Phones

Public phones are becoming increasingly uncommon in Malta, as most people have mobile phones. Most public phones in Malta require phone cards to use.

Phone cards can be purchased from many kiosks, post offices, souvenir shops and stationeries.

Dial 1152 for an international operator or 1182 for local directory assistance.

Prepaid Cards

Most fixed and mobile telephone lines in Malta are topped up using prepaid cards. These can be purchased directly from telephone providers, from kiosks, post offices, stationeries, etc. They are normally available in €5, €10, €20 and €50 amounts.

To top-up your fixed or mobile telephone account, dial the phone number indicated on your prepaid card and enter a PIN or code number when prompted.

Skype, Google and other ways to connect

Increasingly, expats are connecting with their families, and each other, online. To keep in touch with friends and family, Skype, Google Voice, FaceTime and other VoIP (Voice over IP) services are popular. Check out our EasyExpat article about Skype, Google Voice, FaceTime and other ways to connect.

Phone directories in Malta are provided by Melita and GO.

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