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The Healthcare System

Healthcare in Malta is of very high quality (ranked among the best in the world by the World Health Organization), and is available through both private and public systems.

The main difference between public and private clinics is wait times, and increased quality of service and amenities. However, that is not to say that public clinics are deficient in these areas.

Public system

Public healthcare is funded through general taxation by the state. Employers and employees pay weekly National Insurance contributions, which fund social services such as healthcare. The unemployed, old age pensioners, and those on long-term sickness benefit or maternity leave do not have to pay healthcare contributions. This state fund covers most medical services including specialist, hospitalization, pregnancy and childbirth, and rehabilitation services.

Maltese nationals must pay for prescriptions, with the exception of elderly and low-income Maltese nationals, and Maltese nationals suffering from particular chronic illnesses. EU and non-EU nationals must also pay for prescriptions. Prescription and over-the-counter medications can be purchased at pharmacies for reasonable fees. For example, a round of standard antibiotics costs less than €10.

Temporary visitors from EU member states have direct access to the health care from publicly funded health care services in Malta upon presentation of an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) together with an identification document. Non-EU temporary visitors to Malta must pay up front for non-emergency health services.

General Practitioner/Doctor

How to Find a Doctor

You can find a doctor in Malta through a referral from a friend, by inquiring at a pharmacy, or by visiting a regional Health Centre.

All physicians in Malta speak English. You can visit a physician at a pharmacy, health clinic, private clinic, and/or some physicians also make house calls. General practitioners in Malta do not keep their patient's health records or test results. The patient is responsible for storing and transporting this information to medical appointments and visits.

If you are not covered by Malta's national health plan, payment is generally made in cash (a receipt is provided).

Health Centres

For non-emergency services you can visit your local Health Centre. Wait times are generally shorter at health centres than at Malta's main hospital's Emergency Room (ER).

Public Health Centres in Malta:

Be advised that in both public and private facilities, although numbered tickets are issued at clinics, queue jumping is not uncommon.


Dental care in Malta is of excellent quality and is available for reasonable prices. All dentists in Malta speak English. Payment is available in cash or credit card.

Dental clinics in Malta include:

  • Demajo Dental (Gzira)
  • Regional Dental (Swieqi)
  • My Smile Dental (Luqa)
  • The Dental Clinic (Msida)
  • Thames Dental (St. Julian's)
  • Medical Plaza Dental (San Gwann)
  • Southgate Dental (Zabbar)
  • Savina Clinic (Gozo)

Prices range from:

  • Extraction: €40-€50
  • Fillings: €45-€55
  • Crowns: €280
  • Whitening: €240
  • Polishing/scaling: €35-€40
  • Full mouth radiograph: €40

Update 25/05/2013


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