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Job Hunting in Kuwait

Due to the large number of expatriates on short-term contracts in Kuwait, there's very little casual and temporary work available on the market. Travelling to Kuwait with the sole purpose of finding temporary or casual work upon arrival isn't a good idea and is highly discouraged. Before working in Kuwait, one must secure a contract with a company and obtain the necessary documentation from government officials to live and work in Kuwait.

Lately, however, an increasing number of young westerners have been successful in finding temporary work in Kuwait before moving on to other countries. For example, hairdressers and personal trainers are popular, temporary work. If you're planning on doing this, do bear in mind that workers from Asia tend to be very eager to work for considerably less than most Western workers.

Nearly all of Kuwait's work force comes from abroad, mainly from Asian countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the Philippines. Most employment opportunities in Kuwait, whether temporary or full time, go through employment agencies in other countries. The ability to speak and read English is a plus when searching for temporary or short term employment in Kuwait.

NOTE: Kuwaiti sponsors have been known to confiscate the passports of those they're sponsoring; major companies have also been known to follow this practice. Additional travel restricts, such as obtaining permission to leave the country, may be placed on those work in other Kuwaiti government sectors such as the military, for example.

Searching For Work

Search Engines

There are several websites/search engines one can us in locating employment in Kuwait:

  • Career Hunters - a search engine based in Kuwait specializing in the placement of executives.
  • Bayt - Middle East's #1 search engine for employment
  • Monster Gulf - the Middle East version of the US website
  • Gulf Talent - Founded in 2005, it is a major recruitment portal in the Middle East and used by 3 million people, covering six countries within the Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC. These countries are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates as well as Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.
  • SOS Recruitment - a simple to use job search engine for the Middle East
  • Man Power - a Middle East recruitment job portal
  • KEB - a recruitment bureau based in Kuwait
  • Gulf Job Sites--the first ever independent directory and search engine of job and employment related websites from the Arabian Gulf / Persian Gulf region covering Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq and Iran.
  • Alghanim Industries - a major retail franchise company in Kuwait with many job opportunities throughout the region.
  • Al-Shaya - a major retail franchise throughout the region.

You can also use EasyExpat's job listings:


Networking can help you find the perfect position. Chat with other expats and share your experience on EasyExpat's Kuwait Forum.


There are three English language newspapers printed in Kuwait. All three regularly advertise employment opportunities within the classified sections of the paper.

EEK! (Expats Express Kuwait) is a subscription only weekly newsletter which also advertises employment opportunities.

Common Positions

Short term, expat entry level positions may or may not be available. However, due to the protracted time period it takes to secure a visa, work permit, residency permit, health certificate and Civil ID, working in Kuwait may be impractical for some.

Many positions exist for those seeking employment in Kuwait. Positions are similar to those one might find in Western countries. Some of the more popular ones are domestic workers - maids, house help, drivers, nannies and other low skilled employment. For those with a more formal education and skilled background, management positions, investment, consultancy and oil industry employment are available.

Before seeking employment in Kuwait, job seekers should spend quality time researching what it's like living and working in Kuwait. What might be fine in your home country may not be okay here.

Employment in Kuwait, whether permanent or temporary, can be a lengthy process. For up-to-date information on how to go about this, visit Kuwait's Government website. Everything you need to know about contracts, visas, work permits, Civil ID, s, health certificates and required fees is available online. The website is in both English and Arabic.

Teaching Foreign/English Language

Anyone desiring to teach English in Kuwait should first contact a school. You may be required to possess a teaching certificate and other documentation, which must be approved by the government. There may be severe penalties (heavy fines, deportation or even prison) for anyone suspected of or caught teaching without first obtaining government approval. The Ministry of Education is a great place to start (in Arabic).

Student Employment Contract

Contracts are usually drawn up by individual companies sponsoring an employee and can vary greatly from employer to employer. Important information is available (in Arabic) on Labor laws in Kuwait by visiting Kuwait's online government website.

Discount Cards

Student discount cards such as the International Student Exchange Card and International Student Identity Card are not accepted in Kuwait.

Work Visa

For more information on visa, consult the section on 'Passport and Visas'.

You will find information on voluntary jobs or internship abroad in our other articles on the left column of this page.

Update 26/05/2013


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