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In Jamaica, employee benefits can include, and is not limited to, any combination from the listing below:

  • Health insurance, including coverage of dental and optical care
  • Life insurance, including, in the case of public service officers, death benefit (JMD10 million)
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Pension - employer voluntary contribution up to 20% of salary. This is additional to 2.5% compulsory for NIS
  • Sick leave with pay - up to 10 days per 12 months after first year
  • Casual leave with pay - up to 10 days off for the year at a maximum of 3 days at any time
  • Study leave with pay
  • Holiday with pay - up to 25 days after 3 years
  • Travel allowance and motor vehicle upkeep
  • Uniform and Laundry Allowances
  • Gratuity - after working 20 weeks
  • Motor vehicle - fully maintained
  • Entertainment
  • Telephone
  • Subsistence level - $2,500 per 24 hour period for public service officers
  • Supper/Meal allowance - $700 per occasion for public service officers
  • Taxi Allowance - $700 per occasion for round town and $1,200 per occasion for out of town for public service officers
  • Shift allowance, between  $13.75 and $20 per hour for public service officers
  • Funeral grant - $220,000 for public service officers

The benefit amounts are JMD, apply to public servants and the 2015 financial year. The benefits depend on who is the employer (public or private) and level of appointment. For employers, some benefits are mandatory, for e.g., sick leave and holiday with pay. For others, it is discretionary, e.g., allowance for travel or subsistence.

Update 13/02/2016


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