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Cell Phones are configured so that when there is no network service, you should be able to call an emergency number. The emergency number in Jamaica is 911 or 112 for fire, ambulance and police.

Information most needed when reporting to the Police:

  • Car licence, make or model and colour
  • Approximate age, weight and height
  • Hair colour and length of hair
  • Colour of eyes
  • Clothing
  • Any unusual marks, scars, tattoos, rings, etc.
  • Any facial hair or odours

Here are some tips collected from government agencies

  • Keep safe by avoiding soliciting drugs or paid sex.
  • Lock valuables in the trunk and local cars.
  • Replace or re-key locks when you move into a new home or apartment
  • Keep a large flashlight and some cash in your car. The flashlight can be used as a light or weapon.
  • Make certain that you have enough gas to get where you are going.
  • When you return home, have your door key ready so that you can enter without delay
  • Never open your door at home to a stranger and never tell them you are alone.
  • Don't let a stranger inside your home to use the phone; make the call for him/her
  • Leave outside lights on at night, and keep lights on in more than one room.
  • If you are being followed, go to the nearest police or place where several people will be
  • If you are in a dangerous situation, Yell, scream or whistle to attract attention.
  • If you receive an obscene phone call - hang up, don't react.
  • When possible, avoid walking alone and walk in areas where other people are near.
  • Stay in well-lighted areas, away from alleys, bushes and entry ways.
  • Avoid shortcuts through parks, vacant lots and other deserted places.
  • Women driving alone should not stop for a stalled vehicle. Report the stalled vehicle to the police.
  • Don't hitchhike or accept rides from strangers.
  • If a driver stops to ask you directions, avoid getting near the car.
  • If a driver harasses, turn and walk the other direction.
  • Hold your purse close, not dangling, and avoid carrying extra money or valuables.

Update 13/02/2016

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