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Ghana is often noted for being a model of African democracy. Though the nation did experience two political coups following independence, Ghana's political history has broadly been characterized by peace and democracy. In 1992, the country was officially recognized as a democratic nation, following an expansion of political freedoms and the establishment of free and fair elections.

Ghana has two main political parties in a multi-party system: the National Democratic Congress (currently in power) and the New Patriotic Party. Ghana has a presidential representative democratic republic, and John Dramani Mahama is the current President. The former Vice President assumed the role in July 2012, after the death of President John Atta Mills. He then won a national election in July December 2012 - but the results were extremely close and contested by the opposition. Since obtaining power, some have speculated that he has mismanaged the economy. This cumulated in 2014 with protests in Accra.


Accra is the seat of the country's political activity. It is the home of Parliament, the Supreme Court and the National Bank.

The capital is governed by a mayoral council system. The mayor is appointed by the President, and approved by city council. The current mayor is Alfred Vanderpuije, and he was appointed by former President John Atta Mills in 2009. The mayor works with the 104-member Accra Assembly and 70% of these individuals are elected. Additional details about the city's governance can be found on Accra's website. There is a strong sentiment in Accra that the mayoral position should become elected.

Update 11/05/2015

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