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  • Water - only drink bottled or purified water
  • Tea and coffee
  • Juice and local fruit juices
  • Soft drinks (Coke, Fanta, Sprite)


Alcohol in Ghana is readily available, no matter where you are in the country. In Accra, you can find a good range of domestic and imported beers. Outside of Accra, your options are more limited.

  • Star Beer
  • Guinness Beer
  • Dom Perion Boxed Sangria
  • Palm Wine
  • Locally brewed liquor sachets - exercise caution: high and unregulated potency.

Liquor Laws

In Ghana, the legal age for drinking is 18 - though this is not strictly enforced. Drinking and driving is illegal but - again - there is much room for improvement in terms of how this law is enforced.

Be aware that in the more Muslim-dominated north, rules and regulations around alcohol can vary in more conservative communities.

Eating out in Ghana

The culinary scene in Ghana has expanded dramatically in recent years. In Accra, you can find everything from luxury Japanese down to classic roadside vendors. A handful of restaurants have taken to re-inventing classic Ghanaian dishes, while others bring in familiar international flavours. Generally, you're sure to find something in the city that suits most palates and budgets.

Outside the capital, options are a bit more limited. You can generally expect to find a few local eateries and some locally run restaurants that serve an assortment of meat, fufu, rice, eggs, French fries, burgers and pizza.

Ghanaian Specialties

  • Fufu or Banku and soup/stew: Both fufu and banku are starches that are mixed then cooked with water to create a thick paste that is served with a bean/fish/meat soup or stew overtop.
  • Jollof Rice: fried rice with spices and chopped up vegetables
  • Fried or grilled plantains
  • Fried or grilled cassava
  • Fried egg sandwich

*Fufu and banku are very similar to the starches that act as a staple in other African countries. They have a similar texture and taste to pap (South Africa), ugali (East Africa) or nshima/xima/shima (southern Africa).

Vegetarian Eating in Ghana

Vegetarianism is not widely practiced by local Ghanaians. Meat is seen as a luxury, and will often be served to guests. Local restaurants also tend to be very meat-orientated.

That said, many Ghanaians cannot afford to eat meat regularly so there are a number of substitute dishes. Options include Fufu with a meat-free soup (vegetables or with beans), or stewed beans on their own. There are also a number of popular fruits, vegetables and starches sold readily on the street.

International-style restaurants offer much more in the way of typical vegetarian dishes. The Happy Cow provides a great inventory of vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants throughout Accra.

Tipping in Ghana

As an expat, it is expected that you will leave a tip of some kind on your bill. At small restaurants, extra change is usually acceptable. In more high-end restaurants, expect to tip 10 - 15%.

Fast Food in Ghana

Fast food in Ghana revolves pretty heavily around chicken. In major cities, you will find the following international and African chains:

  • Barcelo's: Chicken-focused fast food, located on Oxford Street and at the Accra Mall
  • KFC: International chicken chain, located on Oxford Street and at Melcom Plus
  • Chicken Republic: Chicken-focused fast food, located at Spintex and on Ring Road
  • Pizza Inn: Quick pizza, located at the Accra Mall
  • Chicken Inn: … more fried chicken, located at the Accra Mall

Throughout the country, you will also find innumerable roadside vendors selling grilled meats, egg sandwiches, fried plantains, ice cream, sweets and more.

Restaurants in Accra

  • Santoku: High end Japanese restaurant, designed by Nobu London's chef
  • Icon House: High end and trendy café, cocktail lounge and restaurant spanning three floors
  • Yard Bird: American fast food meets Ghanaian flavours in a trendy environment
  • The Lexington: Bar and restaurant, with incredible tapas
  • Monsoon International: Three trendy and upscale restaurants in the same building in Osu
  • Mamma Mia Italian: Outdoor authentic Italian pizza in Osu
  • Bella Roma: Pizza in Osu
  • Buka: Local Ghanaian and Nigerian fare in Osu
  • Country Kitchen: Upmarket Ghanaian classics on Roberto Road
  • Awkwaaba Restaurant in Labadi Beach Hotel: High end restaurant with great fish dishes
  • Frankies: A mid-range institution in Osu, serving ice cream, burgers etc.
  • Khana Khazana: An incredible and tiny Indian restaurant hidden away between a Engen petrol station on Kojo Thompson Road

Update 9/05/2015


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