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Update 2/04/2008

A couple of years ago finding a reasonable accommodation easily in a nice location in Munich would have been a Herculian task. Luckily, however this doesn’t have to be that difficult any more. There are a number of real estate agents and websites to help you find an apartment that’s just right for you.

The typical renting process will be as follows:

  1. To subscribe to a website that posts apartments for rent / or to subscribe directly with a real estate agent
  2. To arrange for a visit (bezichtiging). Typically, a date and time are fixed and whoever is interested can pay the apartment and its owner/representative a visit. Expect to see at least another 10 people visiting the apartment at the same time as you.
  3. Express interest. If the owner/ representative shortlists you, he/she will send you a copy of the contract.
  4. Sign the contract and you can move in.

Also note that in Munich, there’s typically a three-month deposit that you’ll need to pay upfront. Another point worth bearing in mind is that there’s normally a three-month notice period before you can vacate your apartment. For more detailed information on the best areas to live in, click on the link below.

Below are some websites to consult when looking out for apartments to rent:


Recommended service partners 

Recommended Service Partner


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