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Die Deutsche Telekom AG
Auf der Zeil
Telekontakte : 069 90 92 0
Fax : 069 90 92 17 39 (um zu kündigen)

Viag interkom GmbH & Co
Auf der Zeil
Contact Credit Services Team Tel. 0911/6891-0891

- Open hours : Mon.-Fri. 08.00-21.00 Sa. 08.00-17.00
Telephone: IDD is available. International code is 0049. International and national calls can be carried out from a public phone box, either with coins or with a card. You can also call from the Post office. Phone calls between 6pm and 8am from Mon to Fri and the weekend are less expensive. Some Discount cards from private companies can be bought from kiosks.

Phone directory:

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Update 27/05/2005


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 Delroy Irving


TKS: English Telecommunications service in Germany
Hi there.

I am an agent for TKS Telecommunications, this company provides complete English itemised billing and customer service in Germany.
They can connect new lines, T-Net, T-ISDN, T-DSL and T-online using the same tariffs as Deutsche Telekom.
We also have English speaking installation engineers if needed.
If you have an existing line with DTAG you can changeover to TKS now for free and take advantage of having a telecomms bill you can understand and exceptional English customer service.
This is an essential service for any English speaking expat in Germany.
Please check out the other services we offer at
If you require more info on the service please contact me on +49 (0) 2163 5714167.

Best Regards
Delroy Irving

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