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Emergency services in Cairo

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122 or 02/303 4122


Other emergency numbers include:

  • Tourist Police - 02/390 6028
  • Child Helpline number - 0 800 15555
  • Highway Emergency Service - 0121110000

Easy Expat's FAQ on emergency numbers can help you find the emergency numbers around the world.


Medical Concerns

Health standards in Egypt can be low, and there are certain precautions people should follow to avoid illness. Tap water in Egypt is not potable and should be avoided. Bottled water is inexpensive and plentiful. Also beware of fruits and vegetables washed in tap water, and juices made with tap water.

The deserts of Egypt contain a variety of poisonous insects and snakes. If you are exploring, watch out for danger, wear closed-toe shoes, and watch where you're putting your feet. Choose a guide with basic first-aid training.

The climate of Egypt can be inhospitable. Beware of overexposure to extreme elements such as sun. Heat stroke and severe sun burn are common so be prepared. Use sunblock, a sun hat, and bring water/juice everywhere.

Personal Safety

The Egyptian Revolution of 2011 has led to turbulent times in the country for Egyptians, expats and travelers. Sporadic disturbances have continued throughout the year and there are travel warnings issued by many countries. It is still unknown what will happen in the future, but abide by travel warnings and keep abreast of the news.

In spite of Cairo's hectic pace and seeming chaos, Egypt is quite safe. The biggest worry for most visitors is being overcharged for souvenirs and taxi rides. Pick-pocketing is also a concern, especially in touristy areas and in crowds.

In dealings with police, keep in mind that officer and management positions are assigned by social class and connection. Officers in lower positions are not well paid and their is rampant corruption. This usually only includes paying a few pounds.

Woman Travelers

Single woman who travel alone may be subject to sexual harassment by local men, including physical groping on the streets of Cairo. Blondes attract the most attention. Watch out for unwanted touching. It is recommended to dress conservatively and wear a wedding ring to try to discourage attention.


Egyptian society can be quite racist and sexist. Egyptians are biased toward other Africans, whom they regard as inferior both socially and economically. African-American visitors, or other dark skinned people, may endure harassment. People who appear Asian may also have trouble as their are increasing numbers of economic migrants from China.

There is also anti-Western sentiment. However, Egyptians recognize the difference between government policies and the intentions of citizens and most people will avoid any confrontations.

Update 4/12/2011

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