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Like most nations of the Arab world, the national broadcasting systems used to be entirely government-owned. Beginning in the 1990s, many Arab countries decentralized and liberalized their broadcasting systems. Subscription options have expanded rapidly, but there are still fewer options than many other expats are used to. For more on channels and television in Egypt, consult the Egyptian Radio and Television Union site.


There are 7 basic channels are available with an antenna in Cairo. Video rental stores are also very common in Cairo, and carry a variety of foreign English language films.

    Main Channels:
  • OSN/ Showtime - western entertainment and the premier league
  • Nile Sat (English channel, but during Ramadan this channel shows Arabic movies with English subtitles)
  • ART - sports in Arabic

More channels can be found on Egyptian Television Stations.

Cable TV

There are several cable providers that offer access to different channels. Evaluate what channels are available in packages. To install cable contact a provider and they will aid you in the set-up. Investigate companies carefully as many have a troubled history in Egypt of selling what they cannot provide. Check their reputation on forums and with your local contacts.


Satellite TV

Satellite TV is available by purchasing a satellite dish and a receiver box. With this equipment, NileSat and LynSat are included. Stores can be found around the city.


Internet is becoming increasingly available, but issues of energy shortages and the well publicized black-out that occurred during the Spring 2011 rebellion highlight the fact that there are still issues in the system. Internet freedom during Mubarak's rule was rated as only "partly free" by international watchdog Freedom House. The internet in built upon a modern infrastructure, including widespread broadband Internet access via ADSL. Almost a million Egyptian households have access to broadband, thanks to sharing of ADSL lines.

If your home is equipped with a traditional telephone line, access to dial-up internet is available by dialing into a special telephone number that starts with 0777. Connection costs about 1.25 LE per hour.


Contact a preferred provider and arrange an appointment for the installation. Most companies do not have a good record of prompt service and it may take multiple appointments. Installation ranges from several days to several weeks. Be ready to provide your passport information.


Internet Cafe

Because of the issues with outages, many people choose to purchase internet access cards and connect at an internet cafes. Cairo has many internet cafes. Some cafes are focused on gaming, while other offer a variety of services including laser printing, and multi-player on-line games. An hour usually costs from 10 EGP.

  • Netsonic Egypt - 202-26207967; Address: 10 El Nouwari St. from Ammar Ibn Yasser; 11:00 - 24:00
  • Sigmanet Cafe - 0102012006; Address: 1 el gezira el wosta street - zamalek; 24 hours
  • Sector 7 - 2 012 4414351; Address: 3 el khadrawy St. From Mahmoud Bassiouny st. Downtown; 12:00 to 24:00
  • Half-Life Net Café - Address: 6th of October City; 24 hours
  • CompuMe Internet Cafe - 202-4186864 Ext. 215; Address: 17 Ahram St. Al-Korba, Heliopolies; 10:00 to 24:00
  • St@rNet Cyber Cafe - 18 Yousef Elgendy St., Boustan Commercial Center - Downtown
  • Dreampark Cyber Cafe - 011- 400-903; Dreampark 6th of October City


Wifi is available at "hotspots" throughout the city. Many of the wifi hotspots are free, but located in a cafe or restaurant and it is expected that you buy something. Chain cafes are the most likely options, like Starbucks, but also look for independent shops identifying "wi-fi". Use the hotspot directory to find wifi.

Update 4/12/2011


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