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Many Czechs prefer to have only a cell phone, but a fixed line is inexpensive and may combined with offers for internet service.


To get a fixed line, you will need to contact one of the providers and sign a contract. A usual contract is for twelve months. If you want to cancel the service, you will have to do so one month prior to the contract expiring. Cancelling early will result in Special termination fees which can be quite high.

After you have signed the contract, the provider will send out an installation team. However, waiting for this appointment might take some time. Speed of service seems to depend on your location, the provider and whether you apply for a new fixed line or just a change.

The activation or connection fee is normally around 500 CZK.


National calls will be charged between 1 and 6 CZK per minute depending on your company. The charges for international calls again vary depending on the provider and the country that is being called. Shop around for prices and deals. When you are looking at a company, compare prices for places you frequently call. Average monthly bills are around 600Kc.

There are several numbers that have different pricing:
800 - free of charge
844 - only charges tariff for local call, if dialed from a fixed line
90 - generally high tariff



The country code for the Czech Republic is 420. All fixed-line telephone numbers are comprised of nine digits. Though there are no city codes, the one to three digits following indicate the general region.

    These are:
  • 2 - Prague
  • 31, 32 - Central Bohemian Region
  • 35 - Karlovy Vary Region
  • 37 - Plzen Region
  • 38, 39 - South Bohemian Region
  • 41, 47 - Usti and Labem Region
  • 46 - Pardubice Region
  • 48 - Liberec Region
  • 49 - Hradec Kralove Region
  • 51, 53, 54 - South Moravian Region
  • 55, 59 - Moravian-Silesian Region
  • 56 - Vysocina Region
  • 57 - Zlin Region
  • 58 - Olomouc Region
The remaining digits make up an individuals number. For example, a person in Prague may have the number 420 2 xxxxx.

Dialing Internationally

When dialling the Czech Republic from abroad, dial the International dialing prefix: 00, then the country code, the regional code and then the subscribers number.

When dialing out of the Czech Republic to another country, you must again dial the International dialing prefix, country code, and then individual number.

If you are having issues calling, you may call the international operator at 0800 12 34 56.

Skype & Chatting

Various sites offer the ability to "chat" with other users. Originally this meant typed messages that would instantly pop up on each others screens. In recent years, this has expanded to being able to voice and video chat. With service through the internet, it is cheap, easy, and better then a phone call.

Skype is far and away the best piece of technology as users can message, talk, or video chat with other internet users for free. For a fraction of competitor's fees you can also make calls to land lines and cell phones. Other useful services include google talk, windows live messenger, meebo, and more.

Public Phones

There are many public pay phones in the Czech Republic. There are two types: coin-operated and telephone card operated. They can be found infrequently around Prague. While they are well priced for the convenience for local calls, they are very expensive for international calling.

Prepaid Cards

If you prefer to pay for calls by prepaid calling card, it is easy to do. Cards can be bought at news-stands, post offices, small shops, etc. Then you just follow directions on the card.

O2 Karta X plus
The pre-paid cards can be bought in most kiosks in 300, 500, 750 and 1,000Kc denominations. To call, call the system access number, e.g. 822 11 22 44 followed by the 14-digit card number then dial the number of your subscriber.

O2 NetCall 55
Offers savings of up to 60% on calls to the USA and around the world via the internet from your O2 telephone. Simply dial *55 instead of the 00 international access code.

Pre-paid phone card worth 300 and 500Kc. Calling during off-peak hours is slightly cheaper for certain countries.

Telecards are for the values of 150 or 300Kc and are best for international calling. Scratch the silver panel to reveal the PIN code, dial 822 44 44 45, then your PIN then the subscriber number you wish to call.

Phone directory:
European directory:

Update 27/01/2011


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