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Cyprus has been hit by the European economic crisis, though its economy is slowly recovering so unemployment in 2015 averaged 15.1%.

Unemployment benefits in Cyprus are managed by Social Insurance Services.

Who is eligible for unemployment in Cyprus?

In order to be eligible for unemployment benefits in Cyprus, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have been legally employed in Cyprus between the ages of 16 and 63, or 64 and 65 but not yet qualify for old-age pension.
  • You must not be self-employed (self-employed individuals cannot receive unemployment benefits).
  • You must have been insured for at least 26 weeks up to the date of unemployment, and paid social insurance contributions for those months.

Unemployment Contributions in Cyprus

Unemployment contributions in Cyprus fall under the general scope of social insurance contributions, which amount to 6.8% for employees and employers, in addition to 4.3% contributed by the government.

Unemployment Benefit for Cyprus

Unemployment benefits are calculated to be equal to 60% of the average weekly basic earnings that you paid contributions for in the last year. If you have dependants, the benefits are increased to 80%, 90%, and 100% for 1, 2, and 3 dependants respectively.

There is also a supplementary benefit equal to 50% of the average weekly earnings that exceeded the basic covered earnings, though the maximum amount paid must be less than twice the basic weekly covered earnings.

How to Apply for Unemployment in Cyprus

If you meet the criteria to receive unemployment benefits in Cyprus, take the following steps to register:

  • Head to the nearest District Labour Office with your ID, temporary residence permit, termination letter, IBAN statement, and copies of any diplomas or professional certificates you hold.
  • Register at the Labour Department desk to prove your availability for work.
  • Continue making frequent visits to the office and sign the register.

Nicosia District Labour Office
3 Mousiou Street
Telephone: 22403000

Update 18/03/2017


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