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The Social Security office is responsible for implementing government policy on social welfare. Contributions are both personal, by the employer, and the government. Benefits cover retirement, illness, disability, old age, marriage, maternity, orphanhood, unemployment, widowhood, death and employment injury.

Expats who are legally employed in Cyprus are eligible for social insurance, as are EU citizens who are retirees or pensioners. However, a minimum period of contributions is required before foreigners can collect social insurance.

Social Security Number in Cyprus

Expats can apply for a social security number directly to the department of social security once they have a firm offer of employment. In order to obtain residency based on employment, a social security number is in fact mandatory. As always, this rule applies to the majority, official Greek-controlled section of Cyprus, not to the northern Turkish section.

In order to apply for social security, you must either personally visit the local Social Security Department office, or let your employer handle the application for you. If your employer for some reason does not pay social security contributions, they are acting outside the law and should be reported to Social Insurance Services. Download the relevant application at, depending on whether you are applying as a self-employed/employed person, or as a voluntary social contributor.

The applications online, as well as the applications at your local office, will most likely be in Greek, so have a translator help you out with the document.

Social Security Offices in Nicosia

You can apply for social security at Nicosia's Social Insurance District Office, or direct your inquiries to the district labour offices. Below are the addresses and contact information for all the relevant offices.

Nicosia Social Insurance District Office
56, Athalassas Ave., 1466 Nicosia
Information: 22409710

Nicosia District Labour Office
Postal Address:
District Labour Office
CY-1464 Nicosia

Street address:
3 Mousiou str.
Telephone: 22403000 Fax: 22873170

Aglangia Local Labour Office
22 Larnacos Ave,
2101 Aglangia
Tel.: 22874800 Fax: 22874824

Lakatamia Local Labour Office
Corner Makariou III Ave. and 16 Apostolou Varnava str.
2312 Lakatamia
Tel.: 22443717 Fax: 22443718

Latsia Local Labour Office
5A&B Demetri Stavrou Ave.
2224 Latsia
Tel.: 22815848 Fax: 22815868

Check out the Department of Labour's website for more District Labour Offices throughout Cyprus you can use to help with your social security application.

Social Security Contributions in Cyprus

Employers, employees, self-employed people, and the government fund Cyprus' social security system. The system covers the following groups of people:

  • Pensioners
  • Disabled
  • Survivors
  • Orphans

All employed and self-employed people between the ages of 16 and 65 contribute. Employees and employers pay 6.8% of covered earnings or payroll, though the maximum weekly earnings used to calculate contributions are 973 Euros. However, voluntary contributions of up to 11% can be made. Self-employed people need to pay 12.6% of covered earnings, and the government supplements funding for social security with contributions of 4.3% of covered payroll.

Benefits of Social Security in Cyprus

Unemployment Benefit in Cyprus

Unemployment benefits through social security in Cyprus are only available for employed people between 16 and 65 years old, not for self-employed people.  You must have at least 26 weeks of paid contributions, with at least 20 of those contributions paid for in the last year in order to qualify for unemployment benefits. You must also be capable of work and report weekly to an employment exchange.

Benefits amount to 60% of the insured's average basic earnings in the last year, plus a supplement of 50% of average earnings exceeding basic earnings in the last year. Benefits are received after a 3-day waiting period for at least 156 days.

Statutory Sick Pay in Cyprus

Cypriot workers are entitled to 20 working days of leave they can use for sick days. If an employee is absent for more than three consecutive days, a medical note is required to show the employer. No payment is made for the first three days of sick leave.

Sick pay is payable for up to 156 days during a single period of interrupted employment. Like unemployment, sickness benefit amounts to 60% of the insured's average basic earnings in the last year.

Disability Benefit in Cyprus

The disability benefit is paid out to workers for a permanent incapacity for work, providing you have at least 5 years of contributions; this applies unless the disability is caused by an accident, in which case sickness benefits apply. You can find more information on the Social Security Administration's website.

Temporarily disabled workers received 60% of average basic covered earnings in the last year, while permanent disability benefits include a monthly basic pension of 389.33 Euros plus a supplementary pension of 60% of average covered earnings.

Maternity Leave and Maternity Pay in Cyprus

Employees are entitled to 18 weeks of maternity leave, and nine of those weeks must be given before the date that marks two weeks before the expected birth date.

Cyprus allows for parental leave for both parents, so both parents are entitled to at least 13 weeks of leave after a birth or adoption, provided they have worked for their company for more than six months.

Benefits amount to 75% of the insured person's average covered earnings during the last year.

Update 1/02/2018


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