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Television was introduced to Brazil on September 18, 1950. The transmission standard in Brazil is PAL-M. There are two other main television/video standards in use throughout the world, NTSC and SECAM, and the three systems are not compatible. For example, in Brazil you cannot watch television on a NTSC or SECAM appliance, or to use DVD players configured for these systems.

There are 5 major TV networks: Rede Bandeirantes, Rede Globo, Rede Record, RedeTV!. There are also Public networks like TV Cultura and TV Brasil. Besides these, there are music channels, soap operas, sports shows, religious networks, and news channels.

Organizacoes Globo holds a virtual monopoly on paid television. The company owns both NET cable network and SKY satellite network. These two companies make up 78 percent of the paid television market. Unfortunately, there is little variation in the channels shown.

The majority of Brazilian programming is in Portuguese. Films and tv produced abroad in other languages is usually dubbed. Major daily newspapers usually have daily listings for all major channels. Novellas are much more then just soap operas. They are extremely popular and often contain subtle messages about current social and political issues.

Traditionally, Brazil has had one of the lowest rates of households with access to paid television. This has consequently led to some of the highest prices charged by providers. It is common for subscribers to receive their telephone, cable and Internet from one provider. Subscriptions can be made by telephone, online, or from stores in shopping centers.

To start service, you need:

  • A passport or Foreigner's Identification Number (RNE)
  • A CPF number (Cadastro de Pessoa Fîsical), the individual taxpayer's number
  • A Brazilian bank account with a direct debit facility (a CPF is required to obtain a bank account)

Within a week, the provider should send a service men to the person's address. They will install the equipment and establish a monthly direct debit from the subscriber's bank account.

Information on what's playing and how to watch online can be found at


The major provider of cable is NET.

Other options include: SKY, TVR, Globo SAT, and Embratel.


The major provider of satellite is SKY.

The service offered in Brazil includes Digital TV with full Dolby Digital surround support and multiple subtitle options. A recent update is the addition of Sky+ which allows the customer to record a program while watching another one. Sky HD which currently provides up to 29 high definition channels. Services are however relatively expensive, therefore market penetration is still limited.


Brazilian websites have a .br code, which is overseen by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee. Access to Broadband internet for home use is usually around $R29.90

Buscadores De Brasil ( a useful search engine that states all kinds of electronic pages on Brazil. In Portuguese and Spanish. Other useful search engines include Search Engines Worldwide-Brazil (, it connects users with search engines worldwide and with 189 countries worldwide.

Public libraries often have computers with Internet access, and regional or city governments in some countries fund free Internet centers to promote the use of the Internet among the local population. To provide equal access to all users are usually not allowed more than one hour of free Internet use.


Oi Internet is the primary internet provider.


In big cities, wifi can be located at some coffee shops, internet cafes, and other areas where people use laptops. You can locate wifi spots by checking out

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