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Science Educator ( Oldham County Board of Education)
• Developed the AP Environmental Science program to include project-based learning and integration of school-wide solid waste recycling as a real-world learning experience for students.
• Introduced and implemented a new Applied Horticultural Science elective course for senior students. Established an outdoor learning space for growing plants to support the horticulture course.
• Implemented a hands-on approach to biology teaching, integrating the outdoor learning space.
Science Educator ( Trinity High School)
• Prepared senior students for college in elective content areas such as earth and space science, anatomy and physiology, biology, and environmental science.
• Formed, facilitated, and led student groups through the new establishment of STEM programs while mentoring individual learners.
• Collaborated with STEM committee members to plan and successfully implement a school-wide STEM program which resulted in our school's participation in an international science competition, and selected as one of the 10 finalists, selected from 400 participants worldwide.
• Selected to attend specialized professional development in STEM training at Ohio, Michigan, and Boyce Thompson Institute at Cornell University.
• Achieved, throughout tenure, completion of National Board Certification in Science and College Board Certified Advanced Placement Environmental Science.
Science Educator( Jefferson County Public Schools KY)
• Initiated freshman academy concept and co-chaired committee to improve freshman transition experience in high school.
• Served as Lead Science Educator focused on preparing freshmen in physical sciences.
• The science department chair introduced formative and common assessments.
• Received specialized training in summative assessments, measurement, and evaluation.
• Pioneered integration of technology in classrooms and assisted with plans for comprehensive school improvement.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education: Curriculum and Instruction, 2018
Northcentral University - San Diego, California, USA

Master of Arts: Education (Teaching and Learning), 2005
University of Louisville - Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Certificate Family Farms Agri-business Management: 1994
FAO Fellowship at Missouri University, Columbia

Bachelor of Science: Agriculture (Agronomy), 1988
The University of the West Indies - Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies
National Board-Certified Teacher of Science: 2015 National Board of Professional Teaching Standards
Google Certified Educator Level 1: 2020


Dr. Anderson Ward: 527 302 2741 or

Compliance Certification Manager, Department of Energy
United States Government

Mr. John Grieb: 502 718 8937
Assistant Principal South Oldham High School

Mr. Tim Caldwell: 502 222 1451
Principal, Oldham County Middle School, Buckner, Kentucky

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Dr Marlon Francis


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 Преподавание, Присмотр за детьми

Dr Marlon Francis

Science Educator ( Oldham County Board of Education) • Developed the AP Environmental Science program (...)

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