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Telefoonnummer: +905527394297

Cukurova Tower Baglar Cd. No:86 Flat 171, Floor 23, 348 - Turkije

Locatie: Turkije

Sector: IT Banen: Programer, Analist, etc

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Focus on Networking technologies and Cloud Computing using various Cisco, Microsoft, Apple and Linux products. Expert in Network Automation, SDN, Security, Routing & Switching, VoIP, Virtualization, Datacenter, Monitoring. Design, Manage, Implement and Administer networks to obtain high performance and usability. Setup and maintain scalable networks to fulfill the requirements. Ability to manage a team or as an individual.
Became interested in Blockchain Technology since 2019. Have done extensive research and self-study on this game changing advanced technology. Familiar with most of Consensus Protocols, Smart Contracts, and dApps along with knowledge of Solidity and EVMs.

Ervaring :
2021/06-present Istanbul
Vice President of Infrastructure deployment & support
Manage and lead the infrastructure deployment and support team for a multinational holding company in cryptocurrency technology field. Leading a team responsible for designing, implementing and configuring the backbone of IT infrastructure including network, security, DevOps, etc. Carefully choosing and implementing big data, cloud computing and cloud providers for our needs is a big part of this role. Ensuring the bullet proof security of the product and underlying infrastructure is a must in our environment. In summary managing and leading a team of IT professionals in all fields from zero to 100.
In addition, because of my knowledge in underlying technology of blockchain, I am an advisor to R&D team which is working on a decentralized related product.
2017/07-2020/08 Tehran

IT Manager at SaravaPars

Worked as IT Manager/IT Lead in Saravapars. This investment company is the biggest incubator in Iran’s IT industry. Saravapars has big shares in most of startups (eg. DigiKala, Snapp, AloPeyk, etc.) in Iran and has a lot of International investors. I was head of IT and responsible for all IT infrastructure systems. Since the start of my career here, I was responsible for developing Exchange server as well as Virtual repository for data storage and cloud. Managing VoIP systems, Security, Encryption and Data Protection was another part of my job. This includes configuring and maintaining Cisco, HP and Mikrotik switches, routers and firewalls. I developed Fault Tolerant Datacenters across geographically dispersed locations (using VmWare) to provide fully redundant infrastructure with close to zero downtime. Keeping network devices and configuration up to date and automatic push of patches and configuration via network automation tools was also developed as part of my duty. The environment had mixture of MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS clients and servers.

Members of IT team reported to me on regular basis to ensure best support is provided to end users. In addition to my duties at Sarava Holding, I was responsible for auditing IT infrastructure for portfolios and making sure their systems are up to date and following today’s standards.
Freelance Consultant/Instructor Tehran 2016/01-2017/07
Worked as freelance consultant and instructor. Provide security and R&S solutions to companies who want to upgrade or purchase their hardware and also redesign/expand their network infrastructure. The main focus was on Security, Firewalls, Routing/Switching, Datacenter, VoIP, Service Monitoring, Virtualization, etc. I also did an extensive period of consultation on Networking Automation and SDN as new technology to companies. Also instructed Cisco and Microsoft courses in various institutions.

Network Administrator Automotive Data Solutions Montreal 2009/02– 2015/11
Worked as System/Network Administrator. The roles in this position included: Managing and Configuring security policies and Devices, Plan, Configuration, Management and Maintenance of network equipment and services such as routers, firewalls, switches, storage (EMC) servers (both Linux and Microsoft), PBX VOIP server, etc. The network was growing in fast pace. I was responsible to develop and execute new phases as well as troubleshooting and Monitoring (Cacti, Nagios) the existing network.
Since the company was hosting a critical website which would service the costumer security was the main concern. Firewalls were Cisco (ASA) and Fortigate (900). Servers were Linux CentOS and Windows Server 2012.
There were Cisco switches and routers such as 3800, 1800, 4500, 2900 series.The company phone system to support call center was based on VOIP which I was responsible for maintaining troubleshooting asterisk PBX server.

System Administrator C.A.T Systems Montreal

2008/05 – 2009/02

Worked as Senior Network & System Consultant. This consulting company supports IT services and solutions for other companies. The main focus was on contract with Matrox company to redesign their old network and implement it based on Cisco & Microsoft recommendations. The main concern of the network was security and out-of-date services and devices. Re-design and implementation include: QoS, Upgrading SNMP v2c to SNMP v3, Hierarchal IP Addressing, Upgrading two Cisco 6509 core switches to latest technologies, improve overall network performance and security, etc.

2005 – 2008 Computer Engineering Bachelor degree (Concordia University)
2004 CCNP (Recently renewed in 2007 & 2015)
2009 CCNA Voice CCNA Security

2008 CCDA

2004 MCSA on Windows Server 2008 & 2012

2002 MCSA , MCSE on Windows 2000
MCP ID# 2785148

Cisco ID: CSCO10772780

Farsi, English, French (Intermediate)

• Reviewed and created smart contracts on blockchain as a part of self-study experience.
• Designed, Configured & Upgrade Johnson & Johnson branch in Montreal, Canada
• Designed a portion of network for Penson Financial Services Canada.

• Designed Campus LAN of Shiroudi company.

• Taught CCNP Switching (BCMSN) in Pars Oil & Gas Company of Iran in Asalouyeh.

• Taught Windows Server 2008 in Iran’s Ministry of Education.

• Taught Windows XP professional in Sanam Co. (Mojtame Fanni Tehran)

• Taught the whole MCSE and CCNP courses

• Designed some Web Pages on the Internet partially using PHP&MySQL.

• Wireless networks design experience

Bijgevoegd CV: CV_8401
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Arsalan Shemirani


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 IT Banen: Programer, Analist, etc

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IT Banen: Programer, Analist, etc: Turkije
Arsalan Shemirani
IT Manager

Focus on Networking technologies and Cloud Computing using various Cisco, Microsoft, Apple and Linux (...)

IT Banen: Programer, Analist, etc: Turkije
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