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⌸ EN Magazine The rise of flexible working and hot desks

Discussion in 'Magazine' started by KashGo, Nov 11, 2021.

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    Oct 10, 2020
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    The Covid-19 pandemic and the worldwide lockdowns forced many workers to abandon their offices and the watercooler gossip in favour of working from home.

    Now as the world adapts to working with the new norm specific trends are emerging, such as employees wanting more work flexibility.
    Employers are having to consider new non-traditional attitudes as their businesses resume and their workforce prepares to return to work in person.
    Other unique approaches include changes to the way teams are organised, new repurposed work areas and varied scheduling to meet flexibility demands.

    The most creative solution to emerge from all of these radical changes to the traditional work environment is the rise of the hot desk as a flexible work arrangement for employees.
    It is an effective solution for coping with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and it would therefore make sense to implement this strategy post-pandemic.

    We present all of that, with pros and cons, in our article:
    The rise of flexible working and hot-desks

    Have you worked in such environment? Does your company have shared-space and flexy-office or have you hired a desk in a local facility, such as WeWork, Regus and many others?

    Tell us about your experience :cool:
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